Patch: Show month and days of the week heading in Calendar

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A Patchmanager patch to show the month, year and days of the week heading in Calendar.

Because they both patch the same file at the same place, this patch conflicts with abyzthomas' Show Days of the Week patch. Both can be installed but only one can be active at any given time.

Application versions: 
File patch-calendar-monthanddow-0.0.1-1.noarch.rpm4.06 KB09/03/2015 - 02:02

- First build.


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Please adapt this nice, little Patch to recent SailfishOS versions (2.1.2 / 2.1.3), as a month/year header is still missing in the original Jolla calendar.

This is looking so good in the screenshot, but unfortunately I was never able to install and use it.

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I tried, but the relevant area has changed beyond recognition and I could not make heads or tails out of it. But it seems to be a popular request so I promise to give it another look. My apologies for the delay.

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Thanks for looking at it and planning to give it a try.

Unfortunate to hear that the code has changed so significantly, that this patch needs major rework.
Hopefully you are successful, as this is a visually small, but absolutely significant enhancement of the Jolla calendar app.


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Fails with Saimaa.

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Yes, sorry, I haven't updated this for a while. Thanks for the kick, I will see to it "soon" (tm).

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Great patch! Thank you!

Please move the event view a little bit down, so it does not overlap with the calendar.

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Nice idea, unfortunately it does not work quite correctly with Finnish language. Instead of using the month name's 'plain' nominative form (e.g. "maaliskuu"), it uses the month name's partititive form as used when specifying a date (e.g. "maaliskuuta", as in "16. maaliskuuta").

Do you think you could get that patch to dig out the correct grammar form from some translation database? :-D Don't know for sure how many languages this will affect, but I suspect quite few.

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Oops, I wasn't aware of that. As a matter of fact, it turns out yes, it should be possible. Thanks for pointing this out to me and making me re-read the Qt documentation.

I am currently looking for a proper solution for myjollaph's issue, I will publish a fix for both at the same time.

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Appreciate! Thanks a lot

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Thanks, I'll give the updated version a try when it comes out!

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Thank you for your encouraging comments.

Regarding the events list, abyzthomas' Show Long Date Label does just that. I think it's best not to dupliacte effort if possible.

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Appreciate the trick, however the overlapping is getting worst :(

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Can you please clarify?

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I meant the overlapping is now happening with both, the calendar and the long date label.

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Very good! For you next update: could you move the event view slitly down so it does not overlap with the calendar?

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This way should look an ordinary calendar!Great work so far.