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Update python3-lxml only for SailfishOS >!

Watch results and rankings of european soccer leagues!

This application shows results and standings of european football leagues. Use the pulley menus to navigate and click on the header of the first page to change the league. Feel free to write bug reports and feature requests in the comments on

Please add my repository, otherwise you have to build and install python3-lxml manually to run this application.

Application versions: 
File harbour-sailgoal-0.2-12.noarch.rpm60.49 KB10/08/2016 - 21:34
File harbour-sailgoal-0.2-13.noarch.rpm60.66 KB18/09/2016 - 17:58
File harbour-sailgoal-0.2-14.noarch.rpm60.74 KB19/05/2017 - 18:19
File harbour-sailgoal-0.2-15.noarch.rpm56.69 KB12/10/2017 - 19:29
File harbour-sailgoal-0.2-16.noarch.rpm57.05 KB27/10/2017 - 10:23
File harbour-sailgoal-0.2-17.noarch.rpm66.07 KB01/12/2018 - 18:20
File harbour-sailgoal-0.2-18.noarch.rpm66.18 KB16/01/2019 - 22:04
File harbour-sailgoal-0.2-19.noarch.rpm68.78 KB24/05/2020 - 19:31


  • bug fix for bundesliga 1,2,3


  • bug fix for bundesliga 1,2,3


  • data source changed from http to https


  • optimized ui, especially cover ui when 1-3 games take place at the same time
  • added a 5 min timer to update the view


  • some ui changes for devices with higher resolutions like XperiaX and JollaC


  • fix for 2.Bundesliga


  • broken tables for 1.+2. Bundesliga fixed


  • fixing 2.Bundesliga


  • fixing 1.+2.Bundesliga (no promises that live ticker and match info works)


  • bugfixing


  • added match preview und live ticker for 1. and 2. Bundesliga (sorry, not possible for other european leagues because data is not available)
  • bugfixing


  • fixed bug (updating after watching standings didn't work for some leagues)
  • fixed bug in league selection
  • date should follow system language now


  • added more european leagues (not all tested, so there might be bugs)


  • changed data source, old one was gone :/


  • tiny update for final matchdays, enhanced cover view/actions


  • added first league of portugal and second league of turkey
  • sorry, no bugfixing or new features due to lack of time


  • league name corrections
  • app remembers last selected league
  • fixed some minor bugs


  • fixed bug (not all matches got matchinfo)


  • added cover functionality
  • added matchinfo (press on live or finished game)


  • fix bug for ui and data in rankings
  • added swiss and 2nd spain league


EmaNymton's picture

sorry, no plans atm

krat3r's picture

Great app, thanks.

Can you please add the portuguese main league, Primeira Liga (Liga NOS)?

EmaNymton's picture

done, get the update!

eisen's picture

app is great, thx for this. see us on "opensmartpad"

greets andre

elastic's picture

thanks for great updates - another suggestion:

would it be possible to seperate the teams on the matchinfo page like this:

               Team 1                Team 2

21 min         0           -             1
                                          player x

43 min < >
player x < > player Y

67 min       1             -              1
             player z



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Also from me: Great app!


I would also like for the app to remember a favorite lague or the last league i was watching.


Then i have kind of a bug: When i am watching 3.Bundesliga (Germany) and switch to a previous day (e.g. 22) goting to the next day works until the switch to "not-yet-happened" days. so 22->23 works, 23->24 works.

But when using "next" on day 24 it goes to 3 isntead of 25. using next on 25 correctly goes to 26.

I could not reproduce this in 1.BL or 2.BL !


Are you planing to make this app Open Source?

EmaNymton's picture

I can reproduce the bug, it's because I calculate the numbers of matchdays out of the numbers of teams that plays on the loaded matchday. I thought each matchday consists of the same number of teams, it seems I was wrong ;) I have to think about it...

@open source: It is open source but I have no github-repository. You can see the source code on your device under '/usr/share/harbour-sailgoal'. It's just python and qml. But be warned, atm I'm not very proud of it and I think a lot things could be done better.

cnlpete's picture

Good to know.

If you plan to put this on github or similar, please let us know, trying stuff is alot easier if one can see the commit history :)


A simple idea: i noticed you reload the data at some interval if i have it open. Could you make the interval depend on whether there is a game currently playing? There is no need to have a frequent refresh most of the time, you could even make it manual refresh-only, but during a match it would be quite interesting to have a poll every minute or so :)

EmaNymton's picture

No, there is no automatic reload, only manual updating. The time on the cover is just there to see, when the last manual update was. Automatic reload is planned for further versions like the way you suggested.

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Thanks for the great app!

Bug reports:

  • If you check the match details, it shows the words in German instead of English.
  • Please correct the league names:
    • The Dutch league is called "Eredivisie"
    • The Scottish league is called "Premiership (SPFL)"
    • Turkish league is called "Süper Lig" (there is no space between the words at the moment)
  • Please correct the country names:
    • "Greek" into "Greece"
    • "Netherland" into "the Netherlands"
    • "Scottland" into "Scotland"
    • "Swiss" into "Switzerland"
  • Change the word "Standings" into "Table"
  • Some teams in the Turkish Süper Lig doesn't have it's full name, like for example: "Trabzon" should be "Trabzonspor".
  • When selecting a different league, you can swipe to the left (accepting) without selecting any league, this shouldn't be possible. (At the moment, if you do this, it will lead into an empty space where it actually shows the league name).
  • I don't know if it's a Jolla Ambiance problem or not, but when using the Lime Ambiance, the 'Match day select screen' is almost unreadable:


Can you please add:

  • UEFA Europa League
  • UEFA Champions League
  • Turkey: "1. Lig"

Enhancement requests:

  • On the matchday list, can you please add something like "Swiping to right, goes to the previous matchday" and "Swiping to left goes to next matchday".
    Because now I have to use the pulley menu to go to the next matchday (oh and there isn't even a previous day on the pulley menus, kinda annoying that I have to use the "calender like function" to go a previous day, thats why it's handy to use swiping function that I've mentioned above)
  • Please have an option to select a Favorite league". Because it opens the Bundesliga every time I run the app. But I want it to show the Turkish Süper Lig at startup :)
  • Would be nice to see which team is making a player switch or has a yellow/red card.  At the moment, you see only the name of the players. It's kinda hard to understand for teams that you don't know. (You could add landscape mode for this function)
  • More information on the standing list when holding the phone in landscape mode.
  • Able to change date notations to "day-month-year" instead of "day.month." (it's now using dots instead of dashes and doesn't show the year, it looks kinda ugly.)
  • Some tips for the About screen:
    • Begin with a capital letter on each header (like "Created by:")
    • you forget to add a colon (":") at the end of "About the application"
    • Add a Donation button! :)

Thanks again!

EmaNymton's picture

Wow, thanks for the detailed feedback, names corrections will be in the next update (may be today), starting the app with last selected league, too.

The other reports/request are on my TODO list, but I'm short of time atm, so don't expect too much all too soon ;)

HtheB's picture

Thanks for the quick update!
Hope to see the other fixes/features soon :)

carmenluci's picture

Thank you very much for the update, new funcionality is cool, but it's not working on match of 'Liga adelante (Spain)'. And I agree with Forgrimm, I think it would be very nice if the app remember last chooosen league.

EmaNymton's picture

That's because these informations are not available for all leagues, sorry!

forgrimm's picture

Great app, and also the reason I discontinued OpenSports ;-) This app is much better. One request: It would be great if the app would remember the last choosen league instead of starting at german BL1 every start.


oldrobel's picture

Einfach Spitze! Eine Bitte: die Auf- bzw. Abstiegsplätze in der Tabelle farbig hinterlegen! Im voraus BESTEN DANK!


EmaNymton's picture

Ist in Planung!

Ruslanowitsch's picture

Ein tolles Stück Software - und passend zum BL-Wochenende fantastisch upgedatet! ich liebe es! Tausend Dank! :-)

daysbefore's picture

Could you add the Scottish Football League? Are you planning on adding this project to github?

EmaNymton's picture

I added Scottish League with the last update, no plan to use github atm.

achilles07's picture

Nice app to have in my Jolla phone. BTW, is there any APIs for tennis scores. I'd like to develop an app for tennis. If there are any free APIs available can u pls let me know? Thanks in advance.

oldrobel's picture

Super gemacht!!!

Ruslanowitsch's picture

Tolle App, ich liebe es! Great app, thank you!

heubergen's picture

Could you please add the swiss football league? It called "raiffeisen super league" here by us.

EmaNymton's picture

Yes, I will add it in the next update.

babooo's picture

thank you very much i was waiting for such a native app.
any plans to include standings,fixtures and notifications?

EmaNymton's picture

standing and fixtures are there? notifications are planned for next update.

elastic's picture

nice one - which source do you use openligadb? if yes it would be usefull to add the infos about each match - take look at opensports 

EmaNymton's picture

planned for one of the next updates

carmenluci's picture

Thank you for the app, it's very useful!!! Could you add "Segunda división (liga adelante)" from Spain?