StartAsRoot for File-browser

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It will create icon to start file-browser app as root. File Browser app should be installed on your device...

- Changes in SPEC file. Obsoletes changed to Conflicts.

- Should fix problem with root access.

* Tablet version

* Adaptation for

* fix for uninstallation

* Inserting root pass not needed anymore ! :)

Beware, use it on your own risk !!!

Donation are welcome :)

Application versions: 
File filebrowserroot-0.1-1.armv7hl.rpm7.19 KB05/02/2014 - 13:03
File filebrowserroot-0.2-1.armv7hl.rpm6.76 KB07/02/2014 - 02:53
File filebrowserroot-0.2-2.armv7hl.rpm6.99 KB20/02/2014 - 03:29
File filebrowserroot-0.2-3.armv7hl.rpm7 KB30/12/2014 - 03:29
File filebrowserroot-0.2-3.i486.rpm6.95 KB01/10/2016 - 03:31
File filebrowserroot-0.2-4.i486.rpm7.28 KB26/07/2017 - 03:12
File filebrowserroot-0.2-4.armv7hl.rpm7.32 KB26/07/2017 - 03:12
File filebrowserroot-0.2-5.i486.rpm11.86 KB06/02/2019 - 10:07
File filebrowserroot-0.2-5.armv7hl.rpm11.66 KB06/02/2019 - 10:07

- Changes in SPEC file. Obsoletes changed to Conflicts.


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Ok, for now I found solution... I can strat binary file with this content:
system( "su -c 'mkdir -p /run/user/0/dconf' && su -c 'invoker --type=silica-qt5 -n /usr/bin/harbour-file-browser'" );
instead of this:
system( "su -c 'invoker --type=silica-qt5 -n /usr/bin/harbour-file-browser'" );
And all work like before... and it weird, but /dconf folder now not deleted anymore...
I already packaged the patches for 3 file managers (FileTug, FileCase and File Browser), I will upload them soon. The separates apps, I will repackage later today and upload them too.

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Thanks a lot. Great job!

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If app starts as nemo instead as root, try this workaround. For some mysterious reasons the phone sometimes remove "dconf" folder, and you need to recreate it. Do it as root = or as "su" or as "devel-su", try both variations.
mkdir -p /run/user/0/dconf
It should stay here, but sometimes when you close fingerterm, the folder deleted again, why I don't know. For me it started from sometimes...

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Folder "0" is deleted as soon as I try to start app. Can't make it stay.

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not /0, the folder /dconf deleted, for now I also don't know how to cause this folder stay. Also chattr +i not work here, don't know why... I'm trying to find solution... for now browser work only if you create dconf folder and leave the terminal opened.

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I want to get some root privileges for my app, but I don't understood all of your little explanation. So can you paste the source code anywhere or send my vie email, please?

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If I remember right, I already answered you by email with explanation...

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I can not remember or find something in my Email inbox. Can you do it again, please?

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Sorry, it not was you... Someone else on TMO asked the same question...
I sent you mail...

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Hi Schturman. Is i486 (Tablet) version possible?

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Hi. Added...

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Thanks Schturman!

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Hello, Schturman
I think this is security hole. any app can be used as root without user's aware(known(permission)).
because no passwd needed. can there any way to identify any app using root permission without asking password ? and how to stop that? thank u in advance and sorry for bad English.

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Everything you open from root file manager will be started as root. Just don't do it.. I didn't change nothing in File Browser binary file, it just start it as root for convenient editing text files in root directories. Be careful, changing root files can kill your phone...

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Is this open source? I want to know how to get root permission without root password.

I want to make an app that can change "name" and "icon".


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Yes. I use helper to start app as ROOT. For example:
1. create file helper.c:

int main()
setuid( 0 );
system( "/path/YOUR_script" );
return 0;

2. create file with this command:
gcc /path/to/your_helper.c -o /path/to/your_filename

3. give to it permission 4755

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If I use shortcuts I get wrong targets.

By tapping 'Home' it navigates to '/root/' instead of '/home/nemo/', and by tapping 'Android Storage' I get "Android Storage not found   /root/android_storage



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Sure, because it open app in root directory... Just add bookmarks to directories you need.

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As karlefr said, very useful indeed!

One teeny-weeny problem. Tapping on any media file freezes File Browser. So much so that the only way to kill it is Terminal (or reboot). I understand that root may not be set up for playing media files, but that should not bring File Browser to its knees when run as root :)

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1. Just now tried with this FB (root) and FileTug (root) both of them doesn't paly my audio files (.mp3), but both of them didn't stuck. I can navigate back or quit without any problem.

2. I didn't change nothing in original binary file, just gave possibility to open it as root ;)

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Starts in /home/nemo/ instead of root (running Vaarainjärvi). Starts very slowly.

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It does not matter where it start, it give you possibly to change system files. Be careful!

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....makes life much easier !!

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PS: it's the same German explaining/translation as in CargoDock.

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ich sag`s mal hier auf deutsch:

der File Browser aus dem Jolla Store (vom Handy aus) muß auch auf deinem Jolla Phone sein;dieser File Browser bietet Root Zugriff,damit kann man Dateien löschen und verschieben,was mit dem "normalen" File Browser nicht ging!