Truly Yours

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This is the beginning. Current features include browsing and downloading ambience image and saving into gallery. I will be adding features gradually when I have time, and when the API develops further.

Some future plans and their progress and impediments, not in any particular order:

- Browse ambiences by tags - DONE

- Show comments - DONE

- Show votes on comments

- Show likes (no API yet available)

- Browse ambiences by categories (no API yet available, hackishly doable)

- Show amount of likes (no API yet available)

- Show amount of seen (no API yet available) - not very accurate now when not all viewers are desktop based

- Show submitter name within ambience (no API yet available)

- Submitter profile page (no API yet available)

- Login (IN PROGRESS, experimental API)

- Submit an ambience (no API yet available)

- Likeing (no API yet available)

- Commenting (IN PROGRESS, experimental API)

- Voting of comments (no API yet available)

- Sorting (newest, oldest, most popular (week, month, year)) (no API yet available for popularity sort)

- Advanced tag search (AND and OR searches)

- Fetching thumbnails from server, instead of full imags (no API yet available)

- Creating an ambience of saved image - DONE

- Activating newly created ambience - DONE

- Adjusting colors of created ambience (no SailfishOS API yet available)

- Sharing of your favorite ambiences (e.g. Twitter)


and more.. what ever comes to my mind, also suggestions for features are very welcome :)

Application versions: 
File harbour-trulyyours-0.1-2.armv7hl.rpm26.87 KB02/08/2014 - 20:33
File harbour-trulyyours-0.1.1-1.armv7hl.rpm32.34 KB13/08/2014 - 23:32
File harbour-trulyyours-0.2-1.armv7hl.rpm73.51 KB29/10/2014 - 23:26
File harbour-trulyyours-0.3-1.armv7hl.rpm38.27 KB18/01/2015 - 21:28
File harbour-trulyyours-0.4-1.armv7hl.rpm39.67 KB09/02/2015 - 20:54
File harbour-trulyyours-0.5-1.armv7hl.rpm41.25 KB02/03/2015 - 22:40

- Version 0.1.1-1

* Tag Cloud as front page to search tags from

* Ambiences load newest first when "Show all ambiences" is selected from the pulley

* Bugfix: .jpeg files now load correctly

* Improvements to cache usage, e.g. Full images are deleted from cache when saved to gallery


- Version 0.1-2 Browsing all ambiences and saving the ambience images to gallery


- Version 0.2-1 Option for saving image and creating an ambience of it (and applying it to current ambience) 

* Changes in this release are courtesy of SfietKonstantin:


- Version 0.3-1

* Enabled translations (English, Germany)

* Active app cover

* "Found ambiences" page title has fixed placement

* View placeholder when loading tags

* Changes in this release are courtesy of cnlpete:


- Version 0.4-1

* New translations (Russian, Spanish, Finnish) from our splendid translatators in Transifex:

* Comments view for ambience (read only)

* Adjusted tag cloud font size thresholds and fixed a bug in max tag amount calculations


- Version 0.5-1

* New translation: Dutch, donated through Transifex:

* Updated according to API changes (uses auth token now)


aQUICK1's picture

Here is another fan of ur app on my previous jolla back in 2015, sadly its not usable for latest version sailfish

HansRoulade's picture

Nothing appears instead of the loading screen. Which part may be dead nowadays, perhaps the API?

matrixx's picture

Wow, I was not expecting any users for this app after so many years I had already forgot its existence.

Unfortunately the backend API was not maintained by me and it just suddenly disappeared around five years ago. The backend was done with Laravel so I didn't even have any clue how to develop for it, even though I wouldn't have lost the contact to the owner. Nowadays I know some Node.js so in theory I could build another backend for this, but it would mean restarting to collect all the ambiances from zero. And also, to be honest, I think you would be the only user for the app. Even myself don't have working Sailfish phone right now :/ Not sure if I should remove this entry from the repos, or at least edit the status that it's not working anymore. Sorry to bring the bad news, it was fun to develop the app while it lasted.

daveinuk's picture

Just got my phone back after the earpiece went and reinstalled all my apps this afternoon, including this as the other poster said, is not loading anything, it's just locked, checked jollawalls and that appears to be up? I installed/Un-I/ then reinstalled again from here but still no dice, I'll leave it as is for now until I see a reply - thanks



matrixx's picture

I'm sorry to hear you have problems with the app :(

Yes, JollaWalls is up, and at least my device gets the content loaded well.

Can you check you have the latest version 0.5-1? There was an API break between the last versions and the previous does not work anymore. If that is not an issue, I could take a look at the debug output if you start the app from terminal.

daveinuk's picture

Hahaha my derp lol . . . . .  I really should pay attention, I just assumed the versions were most recent ascending back . . . . . . sooooooo now I have the latest version everything is fine, in fact that wasn't even me posting up there ^^^^^  but an imposter that must have got hold of my phone while I was in the toilet, or something ;) lol ..........

matrixx's picture

Hehe, I'm glad you got that solved out ;)

llelectronics's picture seems to be down. So the app does not load anything currently

Mitlovan's picture

Great app! Thanks.

Mariusmssj's picture

Love the new update :D

matrixx's picture

Great! @Sfiet_Konstantin did a great job with that!

matrixx's picture

Sorry I've kept you waiting again (for a way too long this time), life has managed to get its way above codings ;)

Does someone has any idea what has happen to all icon competition voting tweets? I only found one of my own when I tried to search them afterwards. At least a few days before the voting time was over, moth's icon was leading the race, but never got the final results :/

Moth's picture

I don't know anything about twitter. Maybe you want to reload the poll from scratch? :-D

This is what the cache tells us:



Ray_Ven's picture

thank you for this app. nice idea. would you put the source on github? Im only using open source apps.

thanks, ray

matrixx's picture

Thanks! The source is available in github :)

matrixx's picture

I'm sorry I've kept you waiting the start of the week, but now the voting is on :)

I posted instructions on Twitter (@setelani,, but I'll provide them here too:

We got two awesome candidates, and to support them, you can either tweet with hashtag #TrulyYoursRainbow, for Morpog's suggestion, and with hashtag #TrulyYoursLeaf, for Moth's suggestion.

Voting time ends on 5.9.2014 @ 15:00 UTC, let the best icon win! :)

Moth's picture

The story. When i heard that it might be impossible to use the official logo in the icon, i decided to start over from scratch, retired my 1st draft and thought about something new.
Inking on toned paper, like someone who sketches with a fountain pen. I picked the leaf because they change their colours over the seasons like you do with ambiences. Ha!
OK, i added some calligraphic typo - in true-blue (hehe...) and twisted it until it was almost unreadable. Never mind, it ended up in an amazing look.
Then i read that jollawalls logo was announced official and it changed the game. Again. Now, this time it was easy.
You can see some relics of this development in the big image, if you want. But it's mainly intention was to show how the icon looks on different backgrounds.

Have fun.

MasBowl's picture

Is it possible to save the downloaded ambience directly to the amnience directory unther Galery?

I can not copy the ambience pictures to the ambience directory.


matrixx's picture

And now the feature as saving the image straight to ambience is there, in the release 0.2-1 :)

matrixx's picture

I haven't tried out that yet, if the app has permissions to do that since it's also not running as root.
At the moment the only way from the app to create an ambience is to locate the downloaded image from gallery's pictures section, and select "Create Ambience" from the pulley menu.

Morpog's picture

Rainbow pattern. My goal with this icon was to show the wide diversity of the ambiance system and ambiance selections inside the app. So the icon looks a bit different on each background (color/brightness combination) and features the Jolla pyramid pattern.

matrixx's picture

Since you were unbelievably quick to submit your response, I'll make a comment here, just for you also to notice that there's a small change in the rules (for a better direction). Just that you can use icon and graphics in your icon design, the affiliation is now official :)

Morpog's picture

There we go :D


matrixx's picture

While update 0.1.1-1 is out, and I'm preparing for the next update, I'm announcing the icon competition official.

Rules, simple: Create an icon which describes the nature of "Truly Yours", app which helps to customize your Jolla with the awesome ambiences from, and make it truly yours. At least at this stage, icon should not show affiliation with JollaWalls with its logo, since this is not the only and official client, at least yet.

EDIT: it's official! You can, and it's even encouraged to use JollaWalls logo in the icon. Truly Yours is going to be the offical client! :)

Submit your icon here as a comment, not later than 25.8.2014 by 18:00.

After the end of submission period, the winner will be selected by voting in Twitter.

Moth's picture

Nice. :)

could become the standard app, eventually. IMHO it should start with the newest amb.

P.S.: You'll need a better icon! ;-)

matrixx's picture

Thanks for your encouraging words! :)

The next version is almost there. It will have the ambiences sorted by newest first, and also tag based search for ambiences :)

edit (addition): and what comes to the icon, I might have an icon competition later ;)

Moth's picture

Well, ok... i think, i'm going to start the competition right now. :-)

Link: retired

Edit: Variations are always easy... ;-)

Link: retired

matrixx's picture


Could you re-upload your icons, the link seems to be retired?

Moth's picture

Yeah, intentionally retired. You'll get a new one +++ it's almost ready +++ stay tuned +++


matrixx's picture

Oh, okey :D
Looking forward to!