Daily Comics (aarch64)

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aarch64 build of the unmodified latest version. Will be removed as soon as the original author publishes an aarch64 package (I just can't live without it any longer ... ).


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File harbour-dailycomics-1.9.1-1.aarch64.rpm6.39 MB01/06/2021 - 09:38



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A maintained fork of Daily Comics is available here.

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Dennis the Menace and Hagar the Horibble have stopped downloading, and Swamp is still broken.

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thank you for aarch64 release!

rob_k's picture

Okay, I solved it. The changes are visible in my fork cow_n_berg

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Well, no. Probably the web pages have changed and the extraction code needs an update. But these should go to the upstream repo (this is only the aarch64 build).

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Great, thanks. I can't get Swamp and LoadingArtist to parse properly. Are they working with you?