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This geoclue plugin provides position updates based upon cell tower signal strength data and IP. It looks up the location of nearby cell towers from the Yandex Location Services Database file which is shipped on the device, and does a crude triangulation to determine the likely position of the device.




1. Go to and get key

2. Put it into /etc/yandex.key

3. Enable mls into settings


To get debug output from the plugin, run it via:

QT_LOGGING_RULES="*.debug=true" devel-su -p /usr/libexec/geoclue-yandex

Sources and ISSUES here

Donations here:



Application versions: 
File geoclue-provider-yandex-0.2.0-1.armv7hl.rpm51.9 KB31/10/2020 - 17:44



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Hello @Hiroi, I've build it myself using the SDK from SailfishOS. If you trust me, here is the binary. It seems to work just fine:

To build it I did this:

git clone

cd geoclue-providers-yandex

Install Docker:

Install the SailfishOS SDK in $HOME/SailfishOS (default location on Linux):

$HOME/SailfishOS/bin/sfdk config --push target SailfishOS- 
$HOME/SailfishOS/bin/sfdk --specfile rpm/geoclue-providers-yandex.spec build

It'll get build in RPMS/

Turn on developer tools, allow logging on over SSH (set password, take note of the IP address which was for me)

scp RPMS/geoclue-provider-yandex-0.2.1-1.aarch64.rpm defaultuser@


Follow these instructions:

pkcon install-local /home/defaultuser/geoclue-provider-yandex-0.2.1-1.aarch64.rpm

ps. I had to reboot the device to have geoclue-yandex running when my GPS wants to get its location. The manual way with the logging as explained on this page worked too. I also had to disable and enable mls to get geoclue-yandex to see the configuration change. No idea why.

ps. I submitted the RPM here. So it should show up in Storeman. See @neochapay feel free to take the aarch64 over from me. I have no intent to maintain any of this.

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Hi, I would love to use this app, but I can't since I am running a Xperia 10 II and my architecture is aarch64, would you mind porting it to it?  Thank you!