Screen Recorder

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Screen recorder - record screen to a video file.
Uses vnc for screen data and ffmpeg api to encode it.

!!! This application require lipstick2vnc package to be installed !!!

1. devel-su pkcon install lipstick2vnc -y
2. reboot

More information about lipstick2vnc and VNC access:

Please use github for any issues:



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HAF_MED's picture

Thanks very much for this helpful application. I used on sailfishos 4.5 but when I updated to 4.6 I can't stop recording on the application.
Please help me!

yurabeznos's picture


Thank you for the issue report.

I'll check what has been changed in 4.6, not sure when though, but probably later this summer.

MIG's picture

Works well on 10 III. Is there any way to have sound on the recorded videos?

I would like to have possibility to record the sound from device (if you record some video you are watching on device) and sometimes I would like to record my speech during recording (If I comment about something visible on the screen).

Those could be something that can be enabled on demand basis. No need to have them always enabled.

yurabeznos's picture


Right now it records only video stream from vnc server.
Thanks for a request, I'll add it to my todo list.

btw, this project is open source, so if anyone has good knowledge of ffmpeg c api it would be helpful to get at least some advice how to implement this (or PR/code snippet with minimal implementation!).

Valorsoguerriero97's picture

Great job! Works on Xperia 10!

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Thanks! Good to know.

mkiol's picture

Works super well on Xperia 10 III :) Very useful app. Thank you!

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My pleasure!