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Shmong is a XMPP client for SailfishOS.

XMPP is the open standard for messaging and presence.

What you get in this very first alpha release:

- One to one messaging

- Omemo 0.3 encryption compatible with Android Client Conversations

- Sent, received and read status of messages

- Notifications on new messages

- Send pictures and files

Shmong is a new edition of Shmoose application using QXmpp library. 

Source code:

Known issues:

- Reconnection not always working



Application versions: 
File harbour-shmong-0.1.1-1.aarch64.rpm217.41 KB20/07/2023 - 23:45
File harbour-shmong-0.1.1-1.armv7hl.rpm202.66 KB20/07/2023 - 23:45



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Hi  guyz n girlz, sorry for being lazzy not checking comments. i will post an update of qxmpp, shmong. i currently working on kaidan for sailfish. i have a version that displays the roster, the uncrypted messages but there is a lot to do on the qml part. not really usable. i will update sources on github for thoses who want to have a look.





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I'm using Shmong for the first time after some months. The last 10 minutes it continously displays notifciations for all the messages I received during that time, still ongoing.

Would be good if it would only notify on new (means: since starting Shmong) messages by default.

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I'm sorry for that. Check with latest release. I'm using it every day. I know that it needs debugging. This is really alpha. 

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Ok, qxmpp builds too, which means I can work on getting you into chum. One thing would help. Tag your last working state so that I can pull from obs. Thanks! Or, I can fork and tag on mine. But having you upstream is less foo.

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I realized that I'd have to do some work to get it to build.

Builds fine, but it's with my mods to your repo which might be too much of a pita for you:

Basically, I moved things around to be able to use qt's make install. I'm pushing it to chum testing to see if I've got all the bits right.


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Just a note/question I'm working on packaging all the deps on chum. perhaps we could get shmong building on chum when libomemo-c and qxmpp , etc, are finished? I'm working on kaidan

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@poetaster. yes it's a good idea. I saw your post and congrats to get Kaidan on Sailfish. If you  try it with the QXmpp version I published, I'm interested to know if it works fine with the Android client Conversions.

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I just got stuck trying to create 'schmong' compatible libs in chum. Using submodules with your repos, QCA compiled fine, but QXmpp is choking. Maybe you can see a reason:

The repo it's building from:

Thanks for all your efforts!


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Hej! Are you building qxmpp without omemo? If I use your repo at 1.5 to build, with   -DBUILD_OMEMO=ON \ I do not succeed?

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The qxmpp that works with sailfish is the qxmpp-sfos branch in my repository. The master branch is a copy of the current qxmpp. I'm always compiling with -DBUILD_OMEMO=ON and with -DBUILD_OMEMO_V03

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One more question, when you build qxmpp, you're getting* ? The version I've built for opt-kf5 is and co.?

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Thanks! I'll try that now. libomemo-c (debian repo upstream) and qca (using your repo upstream) now build fine on chum testing. If -DBUILD_OMEMO_V03 works, I'll try building shmong in chum! Kaidan builds, but I couldn't get anything newer than 0.8.0 to compile because, I believe, our g++ ist too old.

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I'm just packaging the last bits where kaidan is concerned.  As it stands, the qxmpp I've built is 'opt' only, but i'm thinking I'll build a generic version in chum to accompany the omemo library which is generic. Then I'd do a generic qca and off we go. I could use your github repos as submodules since you're the primary consumer :) But let me know if that makes sense.