backupmenu_1.1_9 with bz2 & ntfs-3g

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1. modified the restore command parameters to "tar -axvf" to be compatible with tar.bz2/tar.gz file.

2. support NTFS partition mount&read
Added ntfs-3g/fuse related files and update files.tar
modified the mount parameters of
with command:
mount /dev/mmcblk0p1 /mnt/mydoc || mount -t ntfs-3g /dev/mmcblk0p1 /mnt/mydoc



NTFS support for research:

the uploaded files are not DEB file, rename to ".tar.bz2" manualy.

$ mv  "backupmenu_1.1_9-bootit_abz2ntfs.tar_.bz2_.deb"  "backupmenu_1.1_9-bootit_abz2+ntfs.tar.bz2"
$ devel-su
# tar  -jxvf  backupmenu_1.1_9-bootit_abz2+ntfs.tar.bz2  -C  /

Application versions: 
File backupmenu_1.1_9-bootit_abz2ntfs.tar_.bz2_.deb2.59 MB19/08/2015 - 18:18
File backupmenu_ntfs-3g_src.tar_.bz2_.deb943.35 KB19/08/2015 - 18:18


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hey! how to remove this?

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Hi! :)



what is the difference between those two versions?


with regards

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not two version, just one version only,
file "backupmenu_1.1_9-bootit_abz2ntfs.tar_.bz2_.deb" is which you can install it on your device. (sombody  had  "mkfs.ntfs /dev/mmcblk0p1" to format  the /home/user/MyDocs  partion  with NTFS , then the old "backupmenu" can not load/read backup files  in "/home/user/MyDocs/Backupmenu" dir, this app is for that.)
file "backupmenu_ntfs-3g_src.tar_.bz2_.deb"  is not used to install but for developers.
note: the files I have uploaded are actually not ".deb" type, they are ".tar.bz2" archives. you shoud do this after download:
$ mv  "backupmenu_1.1_9-bootit_abz2ntfs.tar_.bz2_.deb"  "backupmenu_1.1_9-bootit_abz2+ntfs.tar.bz2"
$ devel-su
# tar  -jxvf  backupmenu_1.1_9-bootit_abz2+ntfs.tar.bz2  -C  /

note: do NOT install it unless you know what U are doing.
more about "backupmenu" please visit :

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OK. Thanks, It was a trick to upload the pakage ;-)


Do you have (for recovery of N9) that was in that topic? Can you upload it here, please?


Thanks a lot.

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I posted reply about contain files:
it has another name of "n950-rescue-kernel":