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OKBoard (a.k.a. Magic Keyboard) is a gesture based keyboard that allow single stroke typing. Usage is explained in this video. English, French and Dutch are supported without the need for additional packages, other language resources are available in separate packages, e.g. for Swedish (okb-lang-sv). It currently works on Jolla phone, Xperia X / XA2 / 10 / 10 plus. Larger phones (such as XA2 plus/ultra & Fxtec Pro1) may be supported in a later release.

Do not use other third party keyboards at the same time (unless they are just simple layouts for new languages).

Source code: http://git.tuxfamily.org/okboard/okb-engine.git/ and http://git.tuxfamily.org/okboard/okb-keyboard.git/. Instructions for adding new languages are included in README.md files (latin alphabet only at the moment).

If you get an error message about missing dependencies (dbus-python, patch ...) when installing, just run "pkcon refresh" as root and try again. Also some issues may be solved by uninstalling and reinstalling.

OKBoard tends to break for each new Sailfish release, so if possible, wait for other users reports before upgrading to a new OS version.



Application versions: 
File okboard-full-0.6.27-1.armv7hl.rpm10.5 MB13/05/2021 - 13:47
File okboard-full-0.6.34-1.aarch64.rpm10.51 MB29/09/2021 - 20:00
File okboard-full-0.6.34-1.armv7hl.rpm10.5 MB29/09/2021 - 20:00
File okboard-full-0.6.35-1.armv7hl.rpm10.5 MB18/09/2022 - 14:33
File okboard-full-0.6.35-1.aarch64.rpm10.51 MB18/09/2022 - 14:33
File okboard-full-0.6.37-1.aarch64.rpm10.51 MB05/02/2023 - 14:36
File okboard-full-0.6.37-1.armv7hl.rpm10.5 MB05/02/2023 - 14:36

0.6.37 : Support for SFOS 4.5

0.6.35 : Disable Sailjail to allow admin app to start on SFOS 4.4

0.6.34: Fix for "Installation not complete" error

0.6.27: Support for SFOS 4.1


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hey there! what about add russian language? or 'how to' for make it?

kempertom's picture

Is it possible to make even Android apps know to make a space after a word is finished? Automatically...

D_R's picture

After update to Sailfish 4.5 there is no paste icon available. It would be very great if this would be fixed.

eber42's picture

A new version is out. Please try it out and provide some feedback.

D_R's picture

It's working again. Thank you for your quick update!

247's picture

After having removed this, maliit does not show anymore, and i can use the keyboard only if okboard is installed, any suggestion on how to solve this?

eber42's picture

Try to remove the configuration file ~/.config/maliit.org/server.conf and try again. And please report back if it solves your problem.

PawelSpoon's picture

So no experience is better then a maybe bad ? you could offer the untested version not via ooenrepos maybe ? it is pretty hard for an unexperienced to build the package you know.

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Great update, thanks. I'm struggling with implementing SailJail myself. Hope you find a solution!

rover's picture

Having problems on Sailfish Xperia 10 II

Previously it was working find, even after OS updates. However, I recently had to reflash and since then I haven't been able to get OKBoard to function.

Install seems to work fine with no errors. But swiping keyboard does nothing and clicking the UI icon the phone thinks for about 10 seconds but then the app crashes before fully opening.

Only logs I can find are install.log, curve.log and predictions.log - can't see any useful info in any of those. Is there another log I can look at?

Not having OKBoard means my phone no fun anymore!

eber42's picture

This is just an issue with SailJail which is enabled by default starting with SFOS 4.4.

I was just waiting the next SFOS release to issue a single release since I noticed this a bit late and nobody had complained.

Anyway I have just uploaded a new version with the fix.

rover's picture

It works!! Thank you. My phone feels complete again! Only tested very briefly in sailfish and Android apps but so far so good!

PawelSpoon's picture


i think you need to disable sailjail in okboards desktop file. it would be also great if you could review my change (and if fine merge) for volla phone


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Love the keyboard but the missing space in Android apps was slowing down my typing performance massively. Figured out that after you start a new sentence, it kind of works, just capitalizes all the following words. Then I expirienced that after you picked a suggestion from the predictive input line, even the capitalization works correctly. So I start every message with ".", pick the first sugested and all following words are spaced correctly. My friends are just wondering why all my texts start with a period mark ;-).....Maybe my findings help to fix the spacing issue in the future. Would be amazing. Thx for all the work!

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Okboard is working gloriously for me on my setup (see below), though with one hiccup. In Signal (Android), I don't get a space after each word. I have to hit the space bar manually.

Strangely, I don't get the same behaviour in the few other Android apps I have installed (Duck Duck Go browser, SMHI weather, Tor browser). Any ideas?

Okboard-full 0.6.34-1 installed via Storeman on SFOS on Xperia 10 II

eber42's picture

Hi, this problem si known, this is a Sailfish + android support limitation, and I have no simple solution in sight.

(for more details: for android apps, maliit-framework does not return surrounding text information which OKboard requires for auto spacing feature, so it has to rely on guessing)

I may try again at some point but not sure it can be improved that much.

eber42's picture

It seems that the situation has improved a bit with the new appsupport version shipped with SFOS 4.5, so maybe i'll give it a try.

PawelSpoon's picture

hello,  i am playing around with vollaphone. i do get unsupported screensize

i had a short look in to code and log file, i am no expert but i see this:



and in log:

loadTree(/home/defaultuser/.local/share/okboard/en.tre): 1
Average key distance: 110.08 - DPI: 409 - Diagonal: 6.29 (67.0x145.0, 1080x2340 px) -> Scaling ratio: -1.00 (dpi: 0.00, size: 0.00)

so seems that volla / gs290 has a width of 67. do you think it is a problem to increase max width to 67 ?

and if no, could you release a new version ?

Thanks !


eber42's picture

the keyboard only works in condition where it has been tested. I have neved had access to a larger device to generate proper test cases. This is not a simple scaling issue, strokes have different features on different device sizes.

This project was first implemented on Jolla phone. When SFOS was ported on Xperia X, everybody told me OKboard worked on it. Until i discovered months later that the user experience was really awful. So once bitten ...

gaelic's picture

Perfect, now aarch64 is usable :)

D_R's picture

Cool, it's working again. Thank you for this Update and your effort.

OhneZ's picture

I was able to install the 64 bit version on the Pinephone. On the XA2 the 32 bit version says installation incomplete ?both OS are
what am I doing wrong ?

eber42's picture

I can confirm it works at least on one 4.2 XA2 I own.

Can you be more specific on how to reproduce the issue, the exact symptoms / error messages, etc. because I can not guess with so little information.

OhneZ's picture

before upgrading to I removed Okboard.
But not the German language pack. After the upgrade I reinstalled as it was available. the storeman says successfully installed. But when I open okBoard a red warning message "Installation not complete" appears immediately.Please reinstall. or report the error message install.err.Please install again. or report the error message install.err.


I'm beginning to suspect that something went wrong with the upgrade to


eber42's picture

Please, could you just send me the file as described in the displayed error message ?

OhneZ's picture

The fault was mine. During the upgrade to 4.2 I uninstalled OKboard. It must have broken something then. Therefore, I had the XA2 completely reflashed. and now the Okboard runs as it should. Unfortunately, I have now of course the error message no longer available.

D_R's picture

Are there any news regarding SFOS 4.2 ?

teleshoes's picture

just tested new version on SFOS 4.2 on Xperia X Compact. works great!

eber42's picture

Work is still in progress. There are a few issues to fix. It will take at least a few days

D_R's picture

Thank you for your feedback.