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An Application for Sailfish OS that allows you to download AudioBooks from your Audible-Library and converts them to a Talefish-Friendly format.

This was only tested on an account but it should work on other regions as well (the Application prompts you in the beginning)

For optaining the decryption key it uses code heavily based on audible-activator and for splitting the downloaded aax to aac-files it uses ffmpeg.

To optain the decryption-key for the aax-file the Application pretends to be the audible-desktop app. It is certainly possible to detect this so while as far as I know nobody got ever banned for this, it's a possibility.


Since this tool removes the drm from the aax-files in the process of converting them here's the same Anti-Piracy-Notice as is used on the audible-activator repo:

Anti-Piracy Notice

Note that this project does NOT 'crack' the DRM. It simplys allows the user to use their own encryption key (fetched from Audible servers) to decrypt the audiobook in the same manner that the official audiobook playing software does.

Please only use this application for gaining full access to your own audiobooks for archiving/converson/convenience. DeDRMed audiobooks should not be uploaded to open servers, torrents, or other methods of mass distribution. No help will be given to people doing such things. Authors, retailers, and publishers all need to make a living, so that they can continue to produce audiobooks for us to hear, and enjoy. Don’t be a parasite.

This blurb is borrowed from the page.

Application versions: 
File audible-0.2-1.armv7hl.rpm31.26 MB27/09/2017 - 13:05



martinbook85's picture

Still can't download books. All the files are there but they are empty. There is nothing in them. Do you know what might cause this?

krzys's picture

Installed, and downloaded one book from "" account, and it works. Thank you very much for this application!


krzys's picture

Yes, same for me now the books are empty - someone locked that option. I wonder whether author know, what was changed - this app for long no update, and it was such wonderful app..

jakibaki's picture

I unfortunately don't own a sailfish device anymore so I can't really debug it :/

I'll happily transfer the project over to anyone who wants to take over though.

krzys's picture

Since a few months, it download empty books :( :(.

Any advice on what might went wrong?

martinbook85's picture

Now it is a bit less stable. Three books that I have tried to download ended up empty.

martinbook85's picture

Works fine on my XA2 Ultra. The first book I downloaded came in with empty files but the three books I have downloaded since work great! I had to delete the first "broken" book for the others to work properly.

Library view (option in pulley menu). After having opened a book in the app once it would be great to be able to go to a library where you can see the book cover and progress. Would just be neat, the app is already great!

matikanpoika's picture

Tested it on Jolla C with haapajoki where it worked earlier. No luck, same empty files.

matikanpoika's picture

Diwnloads as normal but creates empty files as stated by MooCrumpus.

matikanpoika's picture

After working with .com at first does not work on com and de any more on XA2

MooCrumpus's picture

creates empty files of 0 kb.

olesnoeijer's picture

It doesn't work for me, it results in 0kb files.

jakibaki's picture

That's weird D:

Could you please make sure that you're selecting aax as the download-format in the audible-library?

velox's picture

I've merged your pull request (Thank you!) and uploaded new packages of Talefish – sorry it took so long. Real Life and stuff.