openssl 1.1.1

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Requires: glibc >= 2.17 (any SFOS version since Jan'2014)

These are the original RPM files by Jolla from Sailfish OS 4.3.0

These RPM files allow to install OpenSSL 1.1.1 on Sailfish OS releases before 4.3.0.

It was succesfully tested on a Jolla1 running SFOS3.4


The OpenSSL toolkit provides support for secure communications between
machines. OpenSSL includes a certificate management tool and shared
libraries which provide various cryptographic algorithms and


Any armv7-Device running SFOS 3.4 or less (e.g. every Jolla1...) needs the old version (with storeman/warehouse this will happen automatically) in addition to the new version provided here.


sha256sum filename:

c0f7693b25d03144c1ba62c5a63bbec25d1011024c9150991e26e761674dfa43  openssl-1.1.1l+git1-1.10.4.jolla.armv7hl.rpm
26c6f113db072c76738efc3e3e5ea789d892aa6bb7c2b28b4de01cb4b839d4ff  openssl-devel-1.1.1l+git1-1.10.4.jolla.armv7hl.rpm
9d8216c193cd39f920d71606dc58ccafad45c088601e4ef6c2eddf7f08fe90af  openssl-libs-1.1.1l+git1-1.10.4.jolla.armv7hl.rpm

d79a119ea6d2fc5b88482ea56c14317e6f5575ef2588fc5eb42fe5be0bfe6ce7  openssl-1.1.1k+git1-1.7.4.jolla.i486.rpm

e10449f30be58c69d199b0e489a28f33cfba8fadfba28260e1001fb4b45d8ba7  openssl-1.1.1l+git1-1.10.4.jolla.i486.rpm
16f416f5987a8d04eec3ad9ef7ccb9d8e2ffc37b1d3cf89733000a2a9d1aab36  openssl-1.1.1l+git1-1.10.4.jolla.aarch64.rpm
54d650c50d8e2f445e3a19849a16b07a6e3baee06fc58be12708947b52b2f4e9  openssl-devel-1.1.1k+git1-1.7.4.jolla.i486.rpm

e580a42408d072858c21e53dc37d04520cdf9a519c294f6028ddee2f71ff7266  openssl-devel-1.1.1l+git1-1.10.4.jolla.i486.rpm

cfdb9f7b4103f62a7003cfdb71897e483680a62abe98df1dee961d51a2ff5fec  openssl-devel-1.1.1l+git1-1.10.4.jolla.aarch64.rpm
de8286c062039fa1cc1af7744942409a8514617c9e0ba95fc8ab8d0387173a50  openssl-libs-1.1.1k+git1-1.7.4.jolla.i486.rpm
70028434836401767da856ed801bb6f53bd3323450a3154c0a3265db4ab16614  openssl-libs-1.1.1l+git1-1.10.4.jolla.i486.rpm
b982174a56c7ab13130181701892d126e71ebcd70a5e94f1c6d930018161a510  openssl-libs-1.1.1l+git1-1.10.4.jolla.aarch64.rpm

Application versions: 


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@lpr_A7, why do you offer the older i486 packages openssl-1.1.1kgit1-1.7.4.jolla_.i486.rpm etc., instead of openssl-1.1.1l+git1-1.10.4.jolla.i486.rpm etc. for which I provided you with the link and download instructions?

This is also rendering the very first sentence on this web page untrue, AFAICS!

Edit: But maybe I correctly understood why, meanwhile?

slava's picture

Ah, I get it now. It's the rpm saved by pkcon download . openssl-libs etc. For some reason I thought that you actually built it.

lpr's picture

you need two files installed at the same time: official-jolla openssl1.1.1






the second one is compiled by myself to avoid overlapping/conflicting files and a different name

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For the stuff that you built yourself, you have to publish the project which can be reproducibly built by others. Security-conscious users can't just blindly install a random binary downloaded from the internet, which claims to be a crypto library, right?

lpr's picture i doubt that everyone is able to build it. Spec file was edited to move conflicting files to the devel-package which is not provided here

slava's picture

Well, at least fork the repo, commit and push your changes. Then someone may actually be able to build it. Until then it's a random binary which may or may not be doing what it claims to be doing.

With the rpm which you haven't rebuilt, one can at least pull the original Jolla rpm and compare the hash.

BTW I have pulled openssl-libs-1.1.1l+git1-1.10.4.jolla.armv7hl.rpm from Jolla and the hash did actually match.

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- (rename it please to .tar.xz) and (rename it please to .tar.xz)

 for some reason one has to remove the automatically appended %C2%A0

lpr's picture

but the official link to the sources should be

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If you provide a link to the sources which can be built in OBS against, say, (the oldest platform version available in Sailfish OS public OBS), I may consider statically linking yours instead of 1.0.2d provided by the platform!

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I don't understand, what sources? These are the official jolla openssl packages of SFOS4.3. They should be signed by jolla... The work was not done here but in the legacy package...

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This is what I get if I try to install it on Jolla 1:

[root@Jolla tmp]# pkcon install-local openssl-libs-1.1.1lgit1-1.10.4.jolla_.armv7hl.rpm 
Installing files                                                                                                                                       Waiting in queue                                                                                                                               Starting                                                                                                                                             Resolving dependencies                                                                                                                   Fatal error: This request will break your system!
[root@Jolla tmp]# rpm -i --test openssl-libs-1.1.1lgit1-1.10.4.jolla_.armv7hl.rpm 
warning: openssl-libs-1.1.1lgit1-1.10.4.jolla_.armv7hl.rpm: Header V3 RSA/SHA1 Signature, key ID 47394f23: NOKEY
    file /etc/pki/tls/openssl.cnf from install of openssl-libs-1.1.1l+git1-1.10.4.jolla.armv7hl conflicts with file from package openssl-libs-1.0.2d-1.8.2.armv7hl
[root@Jolla tmp]# 

and /etc/pki/tls/openssl.cnf from this package does indeed differ from the one installed. I wouldn't dare to acctually install it. It really may break the system. Or am I missing something?

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well, you have to install the legacy package at the same time,  if you install from storeman/warehouse this should work automatically. If you install from local files you have to intall both files the same time because jolla1 really needs openssl-libs10 package