Speech Note

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Experimental app for note taking with speech to text.

>> App does not work Jolla Tablet <<

Speech Note converts speech to text using DeepSpeech library and language models. All voice processing is entirely done locally on the device. Internet connection is only required for model download during app initial configuration. Speech Note respects your privacy and provides truly offline speech-to-text capability.

DeepSpeech models for particular language can be downloaded directly from the app. Following models are currently configured for download:

  • English (en) ~ 954 MB
  • German (de) ~ 311 MB
  • Spanish (es) ~ 311 MB
  • French (fr) ~ 288 MB
  • Italian (it) ~ 52 MB
  • Polish (pl) ~ 49 MB
  • Chinese (zh-CN) ~ 109 MB

English and Chinese models are from DeepSpeech's GitHub page and other models are from Scribosermo project.

The quality of speech recognition strongly depends on language model. In general it is not perfect but for some languages is surprisingly fine.

Any comments, ideas, issue reports are highly appreciated.

Source code: https://github.com/mkiol/dsnote
Bugs, Feature requests: https://github.com/mkiol/dsnote/issues or just email: dsnote@mkiol.net

Application versions: 
File harbour-dsnote-1.0.1-1.aarch64.rpm1 MB29/04/2021 - 20:50
File harbour-dsnote-1.0.1-1.armv7hl.rpm1012.08 KB29/04/2021 - 20:50


  • support for Jolla 1, Jolla C and PinePhone
  • speech recognition accuracy is much improved thanks to DeepSpeech library update to version '0.10.0-alpha.3'
  • UI minor fixes


defactofactotum's picture

Thanks for the keyboard fix! It still doesn't work on my pinephone - it worked briefly in Italian but with very bad recognition, then stopped again. Another suggestion: would it be possible to add words to the database? I imagine this is probably a huge and complicated task....

defactofactotum's picture

Also does not work on pinephone. Suggestion for keyboard behaviour: at the moment it's possible to edit text in the middle of a line but after typing one letter the cursor snaps back to end of line. When an entire word is wrong this is very laborious.

mkiol's picture

Thank for suggestion.

In the meantime, I've managed to fix Jolla 1, Jolla C and PinePhone issue. Moreover with alpha version of DeepSpeech accuracy of recognition is much improved. Stay tuned for next release :)

ichthyosaurus's picture

This looks very promising - I suggest that you ask for it to be included in the next community news :)!

mkiol's picture

Unfortunately app does not work on Jolla C (and most likely on other older devices). Sorry :(

sashikknox's picture

Cool, start testing... Too long time while download soeech model

mkiol's picture

Indeed, download time might be long. Model size for english is almost 1GB.

Pelzlurch's picture

For a first version indeed quite polished. Recognition quality is not brillant but quite OK - and very cool - offline!
The only thing I noticed negatively is that there is no automatic line break.

defactofactotum's picture

Thanks for this! I haven't tried it much except for simple phrases but seems to work well. Maybe in the future you could make it easier to copy lines of text to other apps.

oops just noticed now you can copy text on the pulley menu!
 I dictated this with speech note....

mkiol's picture

nice :D

ziellos's picture

Thanks a lot! Had no chance to really test speech recognition, but your app looks already very polished.