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Quickddit is a free and open source Reddit client for mobile phones. Quickddit is not an official client of Reddit and is not affiliated with Reddit in any way.

This is Quickddit for Harmattan. If you are looking for SailfishOS version - check here Quickddit for SailfishOS

Features include:

  • Sign in with your Reddit account or browse anonymously
  • Very quick navigation through content
  • Threaded comments view
  • Browse your private messages, comment and post  replies, sent messages
  • Vote on comments and posts
  • Save comments and posts
  • Multireddit support
  • Integrated image viewer
  • Integrated imgur album viewer
  • Search for posts and subreddits
  • Add, reply, edit and delete comments
  • Submit new links and self-posts
  • Edit your posts and comments
  • Inbox Notifications to the event screen
  • Browse user's profile

Source available at GitHub, licensed under GNU GPL v3+. Changelog for every release also available at GitHub.

More information and discussion at the TMO thread.

Bitcoin donations welcome: 3NhheF8z8sTxpbsCVUpW6HWH8DpADoH46m

Application versions: 
File quickddit_1.0.1_armel.deb305.02 KB03/06/2018 - 12:52

quickddit (1.0.1) unstable; urgency=low * remove captcha controls * fix crash when requesting more comments * fix auto-load subreddit list and multireddit list on first access


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i can not sign in .... please help


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Harmattan probably has ancient SSL root certificates. Not much I can do about that.

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Could you staticaly import OpenSSL1.1.0m ? The author of Meegram did that and now it works again.

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I managed to install the new Certificates of Reddit that I extracted by Firefox (PC). For that, I followed the step by step described here : [url]https://talk.maemo.org/showthread.php?t=86763&highlight=ariadne+acmcli[/...
(basically install inception, run sha1sum on .pem and run ariadne acmcli for adding certs).
I can see now the 3 new certificates in System Settings / Security / Certificates :)
Unfortunately, the SSL handshake still fails :( I'm afraid the problem is deeper. Would you have any idea for going forward ?

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You need to patch the network module from Qt and recompile Qt. Probably you need a newer openssl for compiling and for the device. TLS 1.2 was introduced in openssl 1.0.1. Jonwil did something like this for Maemo:

Maemo5 Qt network patches:


Newer Maemo5 openssl 1.1.0h:


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not working anymore since June 2021. SSL handshake fails. I suspect they move to TLS1.2...