Quake 2 (GLESv2)

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SailfishOS port with onscreen touch controls, based on Thenesis Quake 2 (fork of Yamagi Quake 2)

Built with SailfishOS- buildengine.

What is done:

  • touch screen VKB (buttons only) controls (based on glKarins's GLESv1 port)
  • touch screen mouse look and movement ( left screen side for movements, right side for mouse look)
  • native dynamic landscape orientation ( game render to FBO, than FBO draw in landscape orientation)
  • disable screen blanking while game run (for playing it with Game Controller)
  • add brightness control to screen shader (if Quake 2 look to dark on your device, just setup brightness in video/brightness)
  • add in video -> anvanced settings -> rotate render 180 option for GeminiPDA (when you change option, you should rotat divice, becuse option work when rotatescreen event catched)

How to play:

  1. install RPM by clicking on file in builtin File Manager
  2. create folder ( or game create it automatically, when first run, but then it shutdown, because you need original resources for game) on your SailfishOS device
mkdir -p ~/.local/share/harbour-quake2/baseq2
  1. buy original Quake 2 on Steam (or somewhere else)
  2. copy content of baseq2 folder from original game installation to ~/.local/share/harbour-quake2/baseq2 on your SailfishOS device
  3. play this cool game now!!!!


  • Do not enable multitexturing video option, it work really slow, even on SailfishX XA2+
  • for setting up touch look sensivity, just setup in in options/mouse options (linear mouse sensivity, yaw mouse speed, pitch mouse speed)

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Application versions: 
File harbour-quake2-1.1-16.armv7hl.rpm960.88 KB22/01/2021 - 15:38
File harbour-quake2-1.1-16.i486.rpm1018.48 KB22/01/2021 - 15:38
File harbour-quake2-1.1-17.armv7hl.rpm960.03 KB24/01/2021 - 13:41
File harbour-quake2-1.1-17.i486.rpm1017.43 KB24/01/2021 - 13:41
File harbour-quake2-1.1-18.armv7hl.rpm959.88 KB01/02/2021 - 13:51
File harbour-quake2-1.1-18.i486.rpm1017.86 KB01/02/2021 - 13:51
File harbour-quake2-1.1-19.armv7hl.rpm960.86 KB10/02/2021 - 12:42
File harbour-quake2-1.1-19.i486.rpm1018.05 KB10/02/2021 - 12:42
File harbour-quake2-1.1-20.armv7hl.rpm960.09 KB12/02/2021 - 10:40
File harbour-quake2-1.1-20.i486.rpm1018.15 KB12/02/2021 - 10:40
File harbour-quake2-1.1-22.armv7hl.rpm960.32 KB15/02/2021 - 13:01
File harbour-quake2-1.1-22.i486.rpm1018.2 KB15/02/2021 - 13:01

- rotate render dynamic when change settings


meemorph's picture

take your time, it is displayed right now and much fun to play. I need immortal mode more. ;-)

sashikknox's picture

please - check rotation option again )) (version 1.1-22)


meemorph's picture

It is working, as it should. Opened an issue to be perfect, only. ;-)

meemorph's picture

But the game starts in the right orientation. It is only a little wired to set it.

sashikknox's picture

Oh, i'll fix it in next release ))

meemorph's picture

It changes the orientation on every keypress (cursor right or left) on the option and it does not matter if it is says 'yes' or 'no'. And it changes the orientation every time I press enter if it points to apply option at the video options dialog. Looks like double trouble. ;-)

meemorph's picture

yes, very nice, got a message from github. Had to change the new option twice, before it rotates. But it does, thanks for brutal fun.

sashikknox's picture

please, check in changing orietation in advanced options, now it should work immediately =)
version 1.1-20 ;-)

sashikknox's picture

Do not need change it.twice, just need rotate device physically, than it take effect, because trigger work inside device rotation callback, it not work - while you not rotate device )

meemorph's picture

well, will do it next day. It looks fine, just 180 degree rotated. Tuxracer has an option, had to set orientation to 'east'.

edit210207: looks like there is no option to open an issue at your project!


sashikknox's picture

And i add option to.open issue on github :)

sashikknox's picture

Ok, i understand, but now dont have time for this, will try to fix it when i can

meemorph's picture

nice game, is it possible to rotate the screen 180 degree somehow? Its upside down on a geminipda.

sashikknox's picture

anyway, try 1.1-19 release

sashikknox's picture

i was add option t rotate render, but is i need rotate touch screen events too?

sashikknox's picture

Possible, but only from sources, no option in settings.,
Can you create issue on github, and attaach photo of your gemini with opened Quake2... ?
i'll try add some option to game ( maybe menu, maybe as flag for console, maybe as in game console coommand )

Quasi's picture

Great job!

p.s. I wish somebody port HoMM 3 to Sailfish.

vkn999's picture

Best game!

Laert00's picture

The first native shooter game on SFOS! GREAT JOB!