Patch: Remove icon from remorse timer [SFOS 3.x]

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This patch is obsolete since SFOS 4.x, as the 'X' icon has been removed.

This patch keeps the current remorse timer design but removes the 'X' icon.

Another patch is available here that changes the icon to a check mark.

Note: a similar patch is available in the Patchmanager online catalogue (here). Mine changes less code so it might be more compatible with other patches, though.




Application versions: 

- mark as obsolete since SFOS 4.x
- update to be compatible with the latest Patchmanager
- add donations link and feedback forum

- update compatibility info: the patch is compatible with all versions of SailfishOS up to

1.0.0 (2020-09-08):
- initial public release


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Failed to load on 3.4. Could you update to match 3.4, please?

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I didn't update to 3.4 yet because I can't risk bricking my device right now. I compared the sources (from Jolla's repo) though, and it should be compatible. I can't build a new RPM though because the SDK is also broken...

So what you can do: uninstall the patch in Storeman, enable "developer mode" in Patchmanager, and re-install it via PM's online catalog.

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Thanks for the tip. Following your advice, I can confirm that your patch works perfect on SailfishOS 3.4 without any problem

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At last a clear understanding for the remorse indicator in latest sailfish versions. Thanks!!

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Hi, there was already a patch for pm3. Remove cross from remorse ..