[Updated] Portuguese (Brazil) Community translation for Jolla

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This is an updated package based on scripts and repo from martonmiklos, who we need thank you for all support and patience to provide all scripts, icons and RPM packages when was necessary.

I will maintain this repository updated and I will do a new package version as soon as new strings will be translated and/or new revisions will be provided.


This is a community Portuguese (Brazil) translation for the Jolla.

You can contribute to the translations here:


After installing this package you can change language to 'Português Brasileiro' in the Settings -> Languages menu


You can see the contributors list in project page (https://translate.sailfishos.org/pt_BR), thanks for all!

Você também pode contribuir com sugestões de traduções para o Português brasileiro, para isso basta acessar a página do projeto.




- Updated from partial pootle (please colaborate)


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If you maintain this I would drop my translation package from here just to reduce confusion for possible newcomers.

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sorry by my late reply.

I agree if you feel comfortable...