SFOS Forum Viewer

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Native viewer/browser for SFOS Forum

Icon by dseight

Source: https://github.com/szopin/harbour-sfos-forum-viewer

Login support is experimental, not sure if I included all required things for sailfish-secrets/crypto to work, works on my device. The authentication token is for now stored in dconf, should be moved to a collection eventually. There is no rate-limit error support, so if liking/posting/deleting is not working you're probably hitting a limit, run the app from terminal (qml-scene /usr/share/harbour-sfos-forum-viewer/qml/harbour-sfos-forum-viewer.qml) to see the error message, all xmlhttprequests should dump the response there

Fresh install might need 'systemctl start --user sailfish-secretsd' to load the new plugin (that or rebooting the phone should help), will get that into .spec eventually

Application versions: 

1.0.4 - randomized ClientID

1.0.3 - Fix for super fast key gen(?)

1.0.2 - Hopefully fix for secrets/crypto dependencies

1.0.1 - Fix for missing key on first start since 1.0

1.0.0 - Experimental login support, liking/disliking posts (10min time limit, so might not work if you change your mind after that time and thread was not reopened), replying to a topic, delete own posts - no ratelimit support, so if feature is not working as expected it's probably hit a ratelimit, run from console to see exact error msg for now

0.9.12 - Easier to follow forum drama - forumlinks should open in app by default and center on post linked, alpha of following a conversation backwards - nonconsecutive replies now allow to see exact parent post, uncensoring - because holy hell it's needed apparently

0.9.11 - Copy post to clipboard

0.9.10 - 4.0 fix

0.9.9 - Copy link to clipboard option for threads

0.9.8 - Chinese translation fix (thanks to 友橘 (Youju))

0.9.7 - Translation updates (thanks to Åke Engelbrektson and 友橘 (Youju)), category view fix

0.9.6 - Revision history menu cleanup and alternative formatting option added for posts with code tags, should allow seeing whole code if needed as StyledText supports wrapping (does have issues with blockquotes so some posts can look weird)

0.9.5 - Chinese translation update (thanks to 友橘 (Youju))

0.9.4 - German translation update by ichthyosaurus

0.9.3 - German translation (thanks to Black Sheep) and dimming of read threads tweak (thanks to ichthyosaurus)

0.9.2 - Chinese translation (thanks to 友橘 (Youju))

0.9.1 - Scroll to first unread post instead

0.9 - Solved/new displayed, auto-scroll to last position (thanks to ichthyosaurus), spanish translation update (thanks to carlosgonz)


inte's picture

Hey, first of all, thank you very much for this app. I'm using it frequently and it's just working great!
I have a little request, though: Might it be possible to add an "add link to clipboard" option to the pull down menu (next to, open in browser etc.?). That would be a great feature to link to forum threads directly! :-)
There is also a "open directly" option in the pull-down menu, which is of not much use currently since the forum website complains about the unsupported browser and does not open at all. It might be possible to fake the browser string to access the site? No idea if that would work then...
Thank you again!

szopin's picture

Weird, webview works fine on both my jolla C and in emulator, what device are you using? (there is a msg about unsupported browser, but the thread does render in some kind of mobile view so you can see if some elements rendered incorrectly in the threadview). I'll try to add the clipboard option in next version

Markkyboy's picture

Hi, i've recently noticed that all categories under Latest and Top buttons are no longer accessible, the waiting spinner runs forever.

szopin's picture

Should be fixed in 0.9.7

Markkyboy's picture

Thank you, I can now browse all other categories! :)

sashikknox's picture

You can use md4c library (compile as static) for full MD support (i test it on my Mattermost application, in next release it replace discount, works well, easy to use, much easer than discount lib )

sashikknox's picture

Oh, it fully QML, need some work to make project initialization from C++ and add MD4C .... Maybe when i release this in my app, i'll try add it here )

direc85's picture

I didn't even install this yet, but I have a suggestion already: why limit this to only SailfishOS forum? I think this could be rather easily modified to support any forum with the same platform.

Anyway, looks great! Giving it a spin!

szopin's picture

Try Discourser, it's the 'generic browser for any discourse forum' spinoff, this one is sfos forum specific so can have tweaks custom for it (and also login support at some point in the future)

danfin's picture

why does the Icon not update, when updating the app?

muppis's picture

UI caches icons and does refresh that cache only during start up (or when triggered to do so, if that is possible).

Bocephus's picture

The icon is good for a messaging app, not for a forum viewer.

nephros's picture

Gettin better with every update, thanks!

JacekJagosz's picture

This new icon is very beautiful, awesome job dseigh!

carlosgonz's picture

Thank you. It looks better than before

kucing's picture


TMavica's picture

Icon is not sailfish style

malibu's picture

Sorry, i made it for me and shared it.
I will change it to exact icon proportions of sailfish soon. Have you some else suggestions ?

Klaas's picture

While typing in Sailfish forum, I can't see what I am typing. Hopefully this can be fixed.

szopin's picture

It's just a viewer, not planning on oauth/posting/messaging etc, but then again source is open so if someone wants to turn it into a full blown client... sky's the limit

Rikujolla's picture

Thx, good app to see fast the topics. It would be nice to have a link to the browser version of a topic. Most time reading is enough, but sometimes links could ease the access.

szopin's picture

Added in 0.4

TMavica's picture

The icon looks not great good

szopin's picture

Yeah, it's just the basic svg app icon template from https://sailfishos.org/design/icons/ with just text on top, hopefully some artist will take pity

TMavica's picture

We need a good designer

nephros's picture

Impressive yea.

carlosgonz's picture

Looks good! Thx.

mad_dev's picture

That was fast....

szopin's picture

Thanks, it's 90% code from my previous app, just updated a few URLs and it seems to work more or less, sadly the forum is super slow on older devices where flatpaks and angelfish browser is not an option, so hopefully this will be useful

mad_dev's picture

Good job nonetheless