SFOS Forum Viewer

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Native viewer for SFOS Forum

Icon by dseight

Source: https://github.com/szopin/harbour-sfos-forum-viewer

Application versions: 

0.1 Initial release

0.2 Date added to posts, do not include unbumped posts in 'latest' view

0.3 Added option to load more threads and should load all posts (up to a 1000)

0.3.1 Disabled pulling all posts per thread for now

0.4 Longer threads now have option to load remaining posts, option to open a thread in webview or browser added

0.4.1 Multiple UI fixes, links use Theme.highlightColor now for better readability (thanks to elros34)

0.5 Likes and last edit date shown where applicable, no more occasional autoscroll when loading more

0.6 Search added, automatically loads whole thread so scrolling to search result works

0.6.1 GUI enhancements (thanks to Moppa5)

0.6.2 Bit too much padding

0.7 Icon fixed (thanks to Hanibu)

0.7.1 Short name fixed for app drawer (thanks to carlosgonz)

0.7.2 Sailfish stylin fixes for views (thanks to elros34) and icon (thanks to Hanibu), some performance tweaks on search results

0.7.3 Search thread option added (might be a bit too inception like as you can repeat endlessly, let me know if we need an option to bail out)

0.7.4 Interactive cover (thanks to Moppa5)

0.7.5 Optimise and declutter top menu (attached page for categories, more used functions closer to bottom), cover decoupled from inApp actions (cover is just for peeking into latest, not your miniviewer, maybe someday), date/time added to mainview

0.7.6 New updated app icon (thanks to dseight)


JacekJagosz's picture

This new icon is very beautiful, awesome job dseigh!

carlosgonz's picture

Thank you. It looks better than before

kucing's picture


TMavica's picture

Icon is not sailfish style

malibu's picture

Sorry, i made it for me and shared it.
I will change it to exact icon proportions of sailfish soon. Have you some else suggestions ?

Klaas's picture

While typing in Sailfish forum, I can't see what I am typing. Hopefully this can be fixed.

szopin's picture

It's just a viewer, not planning on oauth/posting/messaging etc, but then again source is open so if someone wants to turn it into a full blown client... sky's the limit

Rikujolla's picture

Thx, good app to see fast the topics. It would be nice to have a link to the browser version of a topic. Most time reading is enough, but sometimes links could ease the access.

szopin's picture

Added in 0.4

TMavica's picture

The icon looks not great good

szopin's picture

Yeah, it's just the basic svg app icon template from https://sailfishos.org/design/icons/ with just text on top, hopefully some artist will take pity

TMavica's picture

We need a good designer

nephros's picture

Impressive yea.

carlosgonz's picture

Looks good! Thx.

mad_dev's picture

That was fast....

szopin's picture

Thanks, it's 90% code from my previous app, just updated a few URLs and it seems to work more or less, sadly the forum is super slow on older devices where flatpaks and angelfish browser is not an option, so hopefully this will be useful

mad_dev's picture

Good job nonetheless