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An application to control your Neato and Vorwerk vacuum cleaner(s), check its state, and its previous runs.

Uses a patched version of pybotvac, big thanks to the authors.

Stores your access token and robot secrets in cleartext in /home/nemo/.cache/harbour-neatoer/robots.json.

You can find the source code on github.

Please, report any problem on the issue tracker on github. 

Application versions: 
File harbour-neatoer-0.3-1.noarch.rpm5.65 MB12/07/2019 - 15:03

- Vorwerk support added

- Bundling more dependencies

The name of the application has been changed to comply with the harbour regulations.

Please, uninstall the previous version (0.1-*) before updating to version 0.3-*!

Please, delete your authentication and login again if you are updating from 0.1-* or 0.2-*!


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This app had to be made for the sole reason of creating this app icon.:-) Seriously, many thanks for the app! Will get my neato in august and check it out.

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Thank you!

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Hey german kobold from vorwerk is quit similar i think any chance you can make it possible?

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I think it would be relatively easy to add a new backend for the kobold devices. I see there are some open source libraries already, and predictably the api is similar. Unfortunately I don't have any such device, so I cannot really develop this feature myself.

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Ok, Vorwerk support has been added to the pybotvac library; I made it available in this app. You can choose the new provider in the login page. I don't own a Vorwerk, so I don't know whether this works. Please, try, and feel free to open an issue on github if you have problems.

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Thanks for making it! Would you mind to specify license and, if its open-source, repository URL?

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ATM there is no official repository for this. I can create it, but I thought that it was not really necessary. The app is written in python, so the code is already readable on your device. The code that I wrote for the integration of the pybotvac library with the app is really short and basic, and I thought it didn't deserve a dedicated repository.

The main component it thus the pybotvac library referenced in the description (MIT license), with some modifications mainly to be able to use the authentication token instead of creating a new on every login. I also found and fixed a bug in the library, and proposed a solution in the issue tracker, but apparently nobody is taking care of that.

So, maybe, the best thing to do would be to fork the pybotvac library, and create a repository for this application.

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Sorry for late reply - wasn't notified about your message for some reason.

If we, users, want to help you with the app, we would need repo to file the issues and send PRs to. It looks like you would need two repositories: one for forked pybotvac lib and the one for your app code. That way it will be easy to contribute upstream when the library will be developed further and advance the application as well.

As a first remark: you sem to select a name which is not Harbour-compatible. Is there any particular reason for it? Why not to make it comply with the Harbour as well?

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Well, I know how the open source process works :) 

And yes, I agree in that forking the pybotvac repository and creating a new repository for this app would be the best thing. I guess I was just lazy, as I made this app mainly for myself, and only afterwards decided to publish it, because... why not? This is also the reason why the name is not harbour-compatible.

Alright then, I'll go ahead and create a repository for the app, and update the description when I'm done. 

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Great! Thing is, it doesn't work for me, at least from the fast look into it. As soon as I saw no license and published code, it reduced the interst. With the license named and code published, will be happy to dig in and give proper feedback :)

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Done. Please, let me know if you spot any problem, and feel free to open an issue for your problem. Oh, and thanks for your pure-maps application, it's just great! ;)