Terminal UI

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Is a green theme with terminal look.

No third party icons available yet.

Ambience included

Application versions: 
File harbour-terminal-0.1-1.armv7hl.rpm1.22 MB07/04/2014 - 22:58


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You can query your actual theme with 

gconftool-2 -R /meegotouch/theme

To have an idea?

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That helped, thank you!

In my case, I lost the icons not with the upgrade, but when I tried uninstalling Terminal UI after the upgrade.

According to https://together.jolla.com/question/45064/release-notes-software-version-10716-saapunki/#45064-note-to-developers , gconf has been replaced by dconf.


$ dconf read /meegotouch/theme/name

Which is incorrect indeed since I have uninstalled it. Looking at the themes directory:

$ ls /usr/share/themes/

base  jolla-ambient

I assumed "jolla-ambient" was the default one, so replaced the theme name:

$ dconf write /meegotouch/theme/name '"jolla-ambient"'

(in the above line, "jolla-ambient" is between double-quotes, surrounded by single-quotes, in accordance with dconf GVariant format, see https://developer.gnome.org/dconf/unstable/dconf-tool.html)

Reboot of the phone, and my icons are back!

Hope this helps others affected by the same problem.

Best regards

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Hi guys, thank you for contacting me. I can't test the new software because it wasn't released for nexus yet.

As soon i get it i will post a fixed version.

In the meanwhile don't install TUI on version



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i should have uninstalled it bevor the update, i des d it afterwards and now i ended up without icons

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Same thing here, all system icons are gone.

Mailing care@jolla.com now.

I have 2 ideas how to go back to normal.

1) reinstall the update after having uninstalled Terminal UI.

2) reset to factory settings and restore the backup I created before the update. I'm not sure if that would actually bring everthing back the way it was before the update.. If, we woud  also have the Terminal UI icons back, but that should be fixable by Flotron.

EDIT: I restored the backup *without* wiping the phone first. It was not helpful, icons are still missing. Even in the browser, man!

The option to reinstall an  update that is already in place seems to be gone.

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i wanted to "downgrade" by setting the version to the last, where tui worked, then i wanted to install it again and update, but i bricked my phone and had no other choice than restoring from backup

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Which is the step that bricked your phone? Why did you want to reinstall TUI after downgrading?

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the downgrading step bricked it. i thought if i install tui, then uninstall it, i would get my icons back and then can upgrade again

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and now do you have your icons back?

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yes, i booted in rescue mode because the phone were in a rebootloop, you have to connect to over usb via telnet, after you set manually an ip-adress for your computer, like , subnetmask is, then i tried recovering from btrfs, without dataloss, but it didn't get me out of the loop ao then i had to recover and gladly it went good and now i have everything as it should be, also with icons

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oooh, sounds nasty. I think that's not the way I want to get things fixed. I'll be waiting for flotron to suggest a solution.

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first i said it's cool to know what icons should be in what places, so i would be the only one to use the phone, but then i thought about nonnative aps and new functions and then i wanted to have icons

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Awesome look! Finally I can see the time ;)

And cool icons and more :)

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Nice Job... Keep it Up !!