Patch: better Call Log Alternative

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Makes caller number visible in CallLog and exact call date/time visible in context menu.

Homescreen must be restarted after applying/removing patch.

WARNING: will most likely conflict with other patches that modify Call Log (like Better Call-Log or Voice call combined patch)


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File sailfish-patch-bettercalllogalternative-0.1-1.noarch.rpm3.17 KB22/09/2015 - 00:51

- Initial release.


Louis's picture

I really miss this patch. Hope it could be restored for SFOS

virgi's picture

well, it was adopted by the Voicecall combined patch long time ago, so i do not maintain this one anymore. Though Voicecall combined patch has not been updated for quite some time now =( I am also being quite anoyed by this =)

Marold's picture

Please update it to work with SFOS 2.2, also thank You for Your hard work !

virgi's picture

Hi Marold,

Sorry, but this patch is no longer supported. Voice call combined patch has got allthe features from my patch, and i don't see any reason to maintain it.

Marold's picture

I understand but sadly Voice call combined patch is also not working with last SFOS update :( This Patch is so crucial for me that Im losing my mind every time I use my phone app :(

virgi's picture

hmm, it works perfectrly fine for me. Did you forget to unapply the patch before upgrade? It can break the apps and then you won't be able to apply any patches.

Do you use Patchmanager1 or 2(3)

Marold's picture

Hi, thanks for reply. I use patchmamager 2 and I cant install combined patch coz "nothing provides voicecall-ui-jolla " I can install this by pkcon but Im curious if this will not affect my future SFOS updates. It seems that every sfos should have voicecall-ui-jolla installed, I mean isnt it a phone app ? So please if You can give me some hint about it, why isnt voicecall-ui-jolla installed and should I/Can I carelessly use pkcon to install it and forget about it ? Thank You for Your help !

virgi's picture

you should definitely install it=) this is a phone app=)

pkcon refresh

pkcon install voicecall-ui-jolla

Marold's picture

I decited to let it try anyway, but after executing devel-su pkcon install voicecall-ui-jolla (after pkcon refresh ) it looks like its getting installed but after it shows its done I have the same error msg trying to install combined patch. So I once again try pkcon install voicecall-ui-jolla and It shows that I can install voicecall-ui-jolla therefore its not installed and I can do it over and over again without any success :x Please instruct me what Im doing wrong, Thanks in advance!

Marold's picture

Thats what I thought but how could it be that I dont have it :o ? :x coz I can use my phone app without any problems. Wouldn't this app stands in conflict in future ? Thanks again for helping me out :)

virgi's picture

oh, that's weird. I think you better ask on TJC.

Marold's picture

I will. Thanks anyway ! :)

gedeon's picture

Very good!