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PedoMeter is a simple step counter using the phones build in accelerometers.

Besides counting your steps, it also calculate your current and average speed, the distance you have traveled and the calories you have burned.

Please observe that this is an early beta, still under heavy development, which is almost guaranteed to have errors and missing features.

If you have wishes or ideas, find errors ... or have any other input please let me hear, either here or on

Known problem: If the statistics graph is shown when the app is minimized, it isn't redrawn when the app is reactivated, select an interval to show in the menu to redraw.

Application versions: 
File pedometer-0.8-1.armv7hl.rpm42.36 KB03/11/2016 - 01:54
File pedometer-0.9-1.armv7hl.rpm43.14 KB08/10/2019 - 17:21

- To make the statistics page more readable, quater divisions has been added to the y axis. - Daily step goal has been added to settings page. - On main page, the step count is shown in red as long as it is below daily step goal, green when it is above. - On the Statistics page, the bar is red whenever the stepcount is below the relative daily step goal, green when it is above.


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Can I localize it to Chinese?

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Right now it isn't possible to localize the program, but I'll correct this soon.

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Really cool app, sadly bit heavy on the battery (thought it was one core parked at 100, but htop reveals it is actually just sitting at 25% of 1 core most of the time, my bad) so great for shorter walks, wish it could be run constantly during the day in the background. Is there any way to reduce it's CPU usage? Maybe some eco mode that disables calorie/distance/speed counter to lessen the load (though probably the first two aren't having that much impact)? Then again it's probably the polling of sensors that has huge impact on battery usage, guess no way around that. Thanks!

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You are right, it is a rather heavy cpu load.

As you have guessed this stems from the sensor poll, as we do not have a step counter I have to use the acceleration sensor to detect steps.

To be able to detect steps from the acceleration sensor it is nesessary to have a lot of datapoints, which means a heavy cpu load.

I have been experimenting with different methods for easing up on the cpu load, until now without any significant results.

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Would it maybe make sense to just dump the data to a tmp file (like a service in the background, no displaying, calculating in real time) and only do the calculation based on that data when the app is opened? Not sure if realistic (no idea how much data that would be, if few mb over 24h probably realistic, if gb+ out of the question I guess) and if it would save that much. Thanks!

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The CPU load is for handling the sensor data, when the program is in the background (or the screen is off) it doesn't update the display.

Currently the program buffers 2 seconds of sensor data in memory, then it consumes those to find the number of steps in that time.

I will test your idea, but I do not expect this solution to be less cpu heavy.

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Thank you and fingers crossed, not having to remember to pause/unpause whenever going back to desk etc would be amazing.

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Really great app :)

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Would be greate if the daily steps (just the number is enough) could be stored somehow to keep track. I like to import that from time to time via cvs or similar (like monthly).


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Hi Kaktus

Thanks for the feedback.

Something like that will probably be implemented some time later, when the basic functions are stable.

Right now I'm searching some memory leak, I am making progres but there still is a leak somewhere.


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Sailfish version,sorry but It dont count the step correctly,having It in the background and after I while It has dissappered.Would be great with a graph where you can choose to see day,week,month, year and an average of step in the graph.An option to save the data to the phone and backup (restore) and even export If needed.Auto save once every day.Looking forward for moore updates.

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Thanks for the feedback.

As the Jolla does not contain special circurity for step counting, I have to use the accelerometers for the purpose. Furthermore as I do not know the orientation of the phone I sample the acceleration in all three directions, and integrate those vectors to detect movements which may be steps. The integration of these numbers, and the step detection can probably be optimized, this is work in progress.

One problem with the current step detection, is that slow or small steps is not detected as such, while quick or long steps is.

I have once experienced that the program exited while in use, but I haven't seen it with the latest release, it semes I'll have to do some more testing ;)

Your wishes has been noted, and will be considered when I'm happy with the basic program.

The next update is right around the corner ;)

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