Offline Dictionary

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A refactored fork of Wunderfitz.


  • uses free offline dictionaries from
  • already includes the Heinzelnisse Norwegian-German dictionary
  • is straightforward and easy to use

Changes in this fork (so far):

  • cloud functionality can be disabled completely in the settings
  • new icon that looks more like a dictionary (color theme is inspired by the original Wunderfitz icon)
  • show keyboard immediately after statup
  • translated app name in launcher
  • new cover page layout
  • major internal changes, streamlining the code
  • for developers: new tab bar implementation in a separate module (can be reused)
  • (Wagnis has been removed upstream)

This app is free software released under the GNU GPL v2. The source code is available here:

Original Wunderfitz sources by S. Wolf are also available on Github.

Application versions: 
File harbour-dictionary-1.2.1-1.armv7hl.rpm1.83 MB03/09/2019 - 17:43
File harbour-dictionary-1.2.2-1.armv7hl.rpm1.88 MB04/09/2019 - 13:04
File harbour-dictionary-1.4.1-1.armv7hl.rpm1.84 MB04/12/2020 - 17:14
File harbour-dictionary-1.4.2-1.aarch64.rpm2.47 MB30/03/2022 - 02:33
File harbour-dictionary-1.4.2-1.armv7hl.rpm2.47 MB30/03/2022 - 02:33
File harbour-dictionary-1.4.2-1.i486.rpm2.49 MB30/03/2022 - 02:33

version 1.4.2-1: Mar 24 2022

  • disabled Sailjail

version 1.4.1: Dec 04 2020

  • rebased on top of Wunderfitz 1.4 (a pull request making this fork obsolete is waiting to be merged upstream)
  • all-new app icon (color theme is inspired by the original Wunderfitz icon)
  • cover page: refactored layout, removed background
  • small changes in the backend to use properties instead of invokables
  • new info menu item telling the user that the Heinzelnisse dict cannot be deleted
  • new tab bar implementation in a separate module (can be reused)
  • some minor refactoring in the two main views
  • some cleanup in the curiosity view
  • show keyboard immediately after statup
  • new settings option to disable cloud features
  • updated German translation
  • updated other translation catalogs (no new translations)
  • translate app name in launcher
  • note: cloud functionality is *completely* disabled, but can be enabled by the user

version 1.2.2: Sep 04 2019

  • Improved icon
  • Improved about page
  • Improved build process

version 1.2.1 [fork]: Sep 04 2019

  • Forked the project
  • Removed all online functionality (cloud and everything Wagnis-related)
  • New icon



ntninja's picture

I changed the Requires line in the binary RPM distributed here from




rpmrebuild -enp

(thank you internet!) and it appears to fix the issue on aarch64 without any regressions compared to the 32-bit version.

kan's picture

"Nothing provides' issue for aarch64 but there is already in system /usr/lib64/

ichthyosaurus's picture

That is unexpected. Still, I cannot debug this because I don't have a 64bit device running SFOS. I suggest you report this bug upstream, here: Maybe it is even already fixed there. My changes in this fork are still waiting to be reviewed and merged.

kettcar64's picture

Importing Downloads/ not working. Corresponding button broke down. (Xperia X

ichthyosaurus's picture

As with other bugs, I suggest you report this bug upstream, here: Maybe it is even already fixed there. My changes in this fork are still waiting to be reviewed and merged.

FW_SF_OS's picture

Hey, are there plans für a 64Bit version ? That would be nice.

ichthyosaurus's picture

A new 64bit build has been added but it apparently has some bugs.

ichthyosaurus's picture

It only requires recompiling; sources are available.

As I still hope my changes get merged back upstream one day, I don't plan to update this page anymore.

Thaodan's picture

Please read again about Wagnis. It doesn't call home, it just verifies that you bought the app noting more than that.

ichthyosaurus's picture

Well, it does so by calling home. Yes, it's not meant to track you and it doesn't send much more than an unique id of your device/installtion. I still like it more when the things on my phone are as "silent" as possible.

Ygriega's picture

Once you have registered, there is no "calling-home" anymore. The registration/contribution validation is done offline using a signature verification.

ichthyosaurus's picture

Oh, then I must have mis-read the code. Or did you maybe change that recently?

Ygriega's picture

No changes since more than a year, you can easily check the code. ;) Moreover, @Nokius already mentioned in another comment that he was able to use the software without any internet connection. And the offline validation was there since the beginning - I invested actually quite some effort to make this happen as I wanted to make this as less intrusive as possible. Online validation would have been much easier...

Nokius's picture

I never had any issue with Wunderfitz while beeing in Flight Mode, just returnded from a two weeks Africa trip using Wunderfitz without any network conection.

Ygriega's picture

Well, as you know the code, the Cloud/OCR stuff is only activated if the user consents. And if you object Wagnis, that's also fine, but please be honest and precise then. Looking up stuff in Wunderfitz is 100% offline. Thanks already in advance!

Moreover, please provide proper attribution to my code, especially mention my copyright in the application (e.g. in About) and reference my repo, thanks!

And one last thing: Consider changing your icon. This one is probably copyrighted by Paul Hemetsberger (

ichthyosaurus's picture

Cloud: true, but I didn't intend to use it and didn't want to have it in there for myself, so I removed it completely.

Wagnis: no need to be rude. True, I don't like apps on my phone "calling home" every time I start them, plus it needs network volume. But no, it wasn't the only reason for the fork.

Thank you for the heads-up, I thought I had added both links on the about page. I changed it with new new update.

I also changed the icon as it was intentionally quite similar to's logo but yes, maybe something different is better.

As to the attribution/copyright: of course I let all copyright headers intact and of course I updated the readme. I don't want to steal your work, I just want to make my own changes and make the available as an alternative.

Ygriega's picture

It's not (only) about the links or the copyright notices in the source code, it's the respective copyright notice and author attribution in the app itself (which is AFAIK mandatory for GPL-licensed software).

Even if not, I consider it quite rude to remove only my name as the original author from the app and leave e.g. the translators and used libs (including their authors) there. It's perfectly fine that your forked the app, it's OSS. But also with OSS there are ceratin rules and I only ask you to play according to them.

We're a small community and we all depend on each other. Probably some kind of collaboration might be more beneficial. ;)

ichthyosaurus's picture

Sorry, it wasn't my intention to remove you from your app! I read the list on the bottom as a list of contributors (not only translation-wise) and wanted to move your name to this list. (Which I forgot in the first release yesterday but fixed today. I'm sorry for that.)

Of course collaboration is best, but we are developing the app in a bit different directions. So I'd like to leave my fork as it is now, and of course I'll contribute changes that are compatible back upstream. That goes without saying. :)

Ygriega's picture

How would you know if you haven't talked to me before? ;)

Anyway, I wish you all the best. Have fun!

ichthyosaurus's picture

Well, so far I've only killed a few of your features ;). But thanks, you too!

Thaodan's picture

Any reason for the fork except no Wagnis? I think an option to disable the Could related functionality would have been enough.

ichthyosaurus's picture

So far, the only changes are that I removed all Internet-related stuff and made a new icon. (I didn't like the original blue one, personally.) I have quite some ideas for other things, though, which I plan to implement if I find the time for it.

Historyscholar's picture

Can you add English -Chinese ?

ichthyosaurus's picture

No :(. does not allow others to ship their dictionaries. You can download dictionaries from and import them into this app (it's pretty straightforward). is an open dictionary built by the community. So as you can speak Chinese, maybe you want to contribute there?