Polish language for OKBoard

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Polish language resources for OKboard gesture based keyboard (dictionary & prediction data).

The resources has been created by corpus made of all wikipedia articles and opensubtitles in Polish (>8GB of text data, 1266695508 words in corpus).


Application versions: 
File okb-lang-pl-0.1-1.noarch.rpm10.15 MB14/02/2019 - 16:09

- initial release (rpm)


Marold's picture

Is it possible to have db file on sdcard ? Glad to see fellow polishman :) Dzięki i Sail on !

Pemek's picture

I have no idea. Maybe symlink will do ?

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Sometimes okboard dies, only turning off and then turning it on makes swiping working again. Nothing unusual in logs, no segfaults. But db is quite big so maybe that's the reason. Tried smaller corpus but it doesn't help much. Glad you enjoy it:)

pisarz1958's picture

I had some issues with the DB at first, though that might have been an issue with OKBoard itself. Awesome to see someone finally do that. Zajebiste :D