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This is the latest relase of official spotify client in the store.


Application versions: 
File spotify_0.1.19-1_armel.deb552.69 KB09/02/2019 - 05:41

spotify (0.1.19-1) unstable; urgency=low

* Fixes: NB#294556 - Updating Spotify to version 0.1.18 creates an additional
* Fixes: NB#291736 - Inbox view's listview jumps to beginning
* Fixes: NB#293243 - Wrong playlist gets added to queue from context menu
* Fixes: NB#293192 - Context menu is still visible even though track is
* Fixes: NB#291847 - Context menu is not updated
* Fixes: NB#293006 - Spotify not responding
* Fixes: NB#291848 - Message letter count doesn't update when writing message
* Fixes: NB#291748 - Playlist page doesn't remember it's position
* Fixes: NB#291687 - Scrobble to user name is not elided
* Fixes: NB#291803 - Search results are cleared when search field is cleared
* Fixes: NB#293213 - Radio view highlight escapes from the view
* Fixes: NB#293210 - Radio view shows no tracks found text
* Fixes: NB#293364 - Playlist page title is wrong
* Fixes: NB#293081 - There is no indication for user that playlist name has
* Fixes: NB#293008 - Artist images disappear when going back from artist view
* Fixes: NB#293255 - Empty play queue page is seen
* Fixes: NB#293112 - Spotify is unable to load playlist deeplink twice
* Fixes: NB#293104 - Spotify crashes when clicking share in toolbar
* Fixes: NB#293113 - Clear saved data dialog doesn't close when deeplinking
* Fixes: NB#293083 - Nothing happens when clicking enter button in VKB
* Fixes: NB#293219 - Cannot take shuffle mode off
* Fixes: NB#293080 - Opening menu flashes
* Fixes: NB#293026 - Inconsistent behavior of toolbar buttons in Play Queue
* Fixes: NB#293023 - Seeking changes to next track when seeking to end
* Fixes: NB#293019 - Search view shows results for empty search
* Fixes: NB#293069 - Switches are not working normally
* Fixes: NB#293016 - Unable to mark track starred in friend page
* Fixes: NB#293001 - Spotify crashes when opening radio view
* Fixes: NB#291754 - Radio view focus is on wrong track
* Fixes: NB#291838 - New playlist doesn't show track count
* Fixes: NB#293082 - VKB enter button inconsistensies
* Fixes: NB#294556 - Updating Spotify to version 0.1.18 creates an additional
* Forcing online mode if login failed in offline mode.
* Radio genres are saved to settings.
* Closing context menu if playlist is emptied with another client.
* Queued tracks are also removed from the original list.
* Splash screen shown if Spotify launched by service framework.
* Spotify screen updates scaled down when device set to display lock using
power key.
* Fix when pressing previous and queued track still found in play queue model.
* Seeking improved in NP sheet.


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I own the premium account but do not sign in.

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.. Premium Account is STILL needed...! Not in Android and iOS version..