The Emoji+ Keyboard

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Thanks Penguin for all his work on this!

Emoji keyboard extension for SailfishOS with emoji font including full set of iOS 5+ and Whatsapp Emoji characters.

    1) Close Settings application
    2) Install keyboard-custom-emoji
    3) Open Settings > System > Text Input -> Keyboard Layouts
    4) Scroll down the list and enable Emoji+
    5) Test if you can now select Emoji+ keyboard layout.
    If Emoji+ is not in keyboard list or Emoji+ is not visibile in layout selection
    a) Open Settings > System > Utilities (if you have Sailfish Utilities installed) and select Restart Keyboard. Try again from step 3 or 5.
    b) Restart your Jolla. Try again from step 3 or 5.
    If Emoji+ fonts are not shown, then restart you Jolla.


  • Does not support new iOS 8.3 Emoji
  • Do not try to install older packages on SailfishOS 1.1.4 or newer. If you however did and have now non-working phone please find out if instructions on issue 16 will help.

Sources on github



Application versions: 
File keyboard-custom-emoji-0.4.3-8.noarch.rpm532.13 KB11/04/2019 - 22:42
File keyboard-custom-emoji-0.4.3-9.noarch.rpm531.22 KB20/04/2019 - 22:40
File keyboard-custom-emoji-0.4.3-10.noarch.rpm532.3 KB21/04/2019 - 10:20
File keyboard-custom-emoji-0.4.4-1.noarch.rpm1.56 MB08/05/2019 - 18:06
File keyboard-custom-emoji-0.4.4-2.noarch.rpm1.56 MB11/05/2019 - 17:32
File keyboard-custom-emoji-0.4.4-3.noarch.rpm1.56 MB11/05/2019 - 21:04
File keyboard-custom-emoji-0.4.4-4.noarch.rpm1.56 MB24/05/2019 - 22:15
File keyboard-custom-emoji-0.4.4-5.noarch.rpm1.56 MB25/06/2019 - 12:41
File keyboard-custom-emoji-0.4.4-6.noarch.rpm1.56 MB25/06/2019 - 21:32
File keyboard-custom-emoji-0.4.5-0.noarch.rpm1.56 MB06/08/2019 - 00:04
File keyboard-custom-emoji-0.4.6-0.noarch.rpm1.56 MB13/11/2019 - 23:07
File keyboard-custom-emoji-0.4.7-0.noarch.rpm1.56 MB15/11/2019 - 19:27
  • 0.4.7-0
    • Swapped enter & backspace in landscape mode (now identical to default emoji keyboard)
    • Cleared out middle part bottom row when using split keyboard in landscape (surface is no longer responsive)
  • 0.4.6-0
    • Disable arrow buttons on (single) favorites page
    • Do not use color in Selection Key Rows on Settings page
  • 0.4.5-0 Added option to toggle between color or monochrome emojis on keyboard
  • 0.4.4-6 Also disable background from other function keys
  • 0.4.4-5
    • Config button no longer a longpress button
    • Hide config button in landscape config screen itself
    • Removed background from left/right keys
  • 0.4.4-4 Make page navigation circular
  • 0.4.4-3 Moved config button in landscape to lower right not to interfer with clipboard text and non-split setting keyboard
  • 0.4.4-2 Switch to split keyboard in landscape to decrease keyboard hight
  • 0.4.4-1 (thanks to 0312birdzhang)
    • Added Close button on settings page
    • Added color emoji support (originating from harbour-dolphin-keyboard)
  • 0.4.3-10 Slight resize and reposition of the config button (thanks Olf0)
  • 0.4.3-9 Make config button square and more responsive
  • 0.4.3-8 Renamed to emoji+ not to confuse the Austrians :)
  • 0.4.3-7 Renamed to emoji-alt to avoid name conflict with Jolla's emoji keyboard
  • 0.4.3-6 Config button fix for Sailfish
  • 0.4.3-5
    • Removed google analytics part
    • Fix for jolla tablet screen ratio
  • 0.4.3-4 Fix of non jolla 1 resolutions


Seven_of_nine's picture

¡Muchas gracias!

martinbook85's picture

Wonderful! Thanks for this!

tanghus's picture

Thanks for the monochrome toggle @ade. The colored ones looks weird on SFOS imho.

Brooks's picture

Install issue with the rfkill.plugin missing from jolla repo. (insert sad face emojo here)

ade's picture

Sound like the usual "pkcon refresh" as root in the terminal for a cure.

periappi's picture

Amazing job there!

ferlanero's picture

Great update! Thanks!

tanghus's picture

Would it be possible to show the emoji as they are printed? I.e. in monochrome.

ade's picture

Install an older version? Colored emoji was intruduced a few releases back in favor of the monochrome version. I could have I look if it can be made configurable, but only if it is easy to implement. Or of course create a PR for that yourself.

Edit: Okay, your wish has been granted, from version 0.4.5-0 on you can toggle between monochrome and colored emojis.

murfik's picture

great! thank's!

murfik's picture

possible add cycling scroll for pages with smiles?

ade's picture

Sure, check out the new version (0.4.4-4).

mano's picture

Thanks a lot for providing us this obviously great replacement. Unfortunately I'm seeing: error: unpacking of archive failed on file /usr/share/maliit/plugins/com/jolla/custom_emoji/emoji/X.gif;5ce2db97: cpio: read failed - File exists No matter what way I choose to install (pkcon install-local, rpm -if, filebrowser and UI). I'm running vanilla flashed Hossa, (and your latest 0.4.4-3). Any hints highly appreciated! Thanks, -Mano

mano's picture

Had to use 'X' in my comment, since the actual unicode character (a car) can't be posted here (site error).

Meanwhile I tried 0.4.4-2, where I don't see any error.  But upgrading also fails...  So 0.4.4-3 doesn't work here.

Thanks, -mano

ade's picture

What's the checksum of your local rpm? Here's mine:

$ md5sum keyboard-custom-emoji-0.4.4-3.noarch.rpm
b021c35dbfbf20301bd59a227d829057  keyboard-custom-emoji-0.4.4-3.noarch.rpm
mano's picture

Thanks for the update. Haven't kept the probably corrupted rpm. Just tried the -4 version – no problems.
Thanks a lot!

ferlanero's picture

Awesome work! Thanks!

pakman's picture

Color emojis, excellent! Just what was missing. Great app.

Ashitaka's picture

Wow this is marvelous!
I didn't expect :D
May i ask a feature? Can you make the favourites in such way that they update only after closing the keyboard? I think you just need to add a temporary database which overwrites the one for favourites at closure.
P.S. I just noticed that the settings key is not working anymore for me

ade's picture

Or you are still using an OS version older than Sailfish The config button changed due to that release (zie changelog above). On older versions the config button may now be displaced and/or non functional.

Ashitaka's picture

Sorry my bad, it was long press.
I've never used it if not by mistake (which is why it was a post scriptum).
Thank you very much for you work :D

ade's picture

On the tablet it's fine, but on a phone it indeed takes more than halve of the screen. The only way I can find to get rid of the upper row, is to convert it into a split keyboard. It will decrease the space between the emojis, but it's the way almost all other keyboard layouts are configured. The config button will move to the center in landscape and the page indicator just above the keyboard.

Penguin's picture

I like this and I am more than happy that ade has continued my work!

The original Emoji Keyboard was created while CODeRUS developped his Whatsapp clone called Mitäkuuluu ja there was first need to view emoji characters on screen but also to write those in own replys and messages.

May be I should take down all old packages that may only cause harm for any user.

ade's picture

Thanks for your approval :-)

You already have a message on your page stating it is no longer supported. Maybe you could add a link to this page.

olf's picture

@ade, now that this has its own name (by adding a "+"), you may change the page title from "The Emoji Keyboard (screen resolution fix)" to simply "The Emoji+ Keyboard".
Another reason is, that it contains far more changes than just the "screen resolution fix" meanwhile.

ade's picture

Changed the title name.

A small disadvantage is that the URL also changes, so old references may no longer work.

murfik's picture

how to exit from settings ?

ade's picture

It's explained on the page itself. You have to place your finger on the left side and swipe all the way to the right. It might require some practice though :)

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ossi1967's picture

I was suprised today to find an "old" Emoji keyboard among the language choices. ("alt" is the German word for "old"; hadn't I read the changelog before, I would have been confused :) ...)

I'm not sure how to work around this problem. One idea would be to call it "Emoji+" or Emoji deluxe or extended or whatever... as it's perior to the 3 smilies provided by Jolla.