Custom IM status

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Simple application to update your instant messaging status message with phrase you want to show.

Only "Online" status is supported, "away" etc coming maybe later.

It is also possible to include location based on your current coordinates provided by Qt PositionSource. Location address information is fetched from googlemaps reverse geocode api (over https).

You can then pick suitable location string from those provided by this api.

Locatíon update can be automated with selectable intervals of 5,15,30 min of activity (Timer sleep when phone sleeps, so expect longer delay when sleeping) - Autorefresh settings are hidden somewhere...

You can update location also by cover action (if location enabled)

Remembers your last status message, location enabled and selected location accuracy. Does not remember automatic refresh settings (0.1-9)


  • I have tested this only with googletalk.
  • Don't blame me if the location is huuhaa, blame google.
  • Location accuracy might change depending on available information.
  • If it gets stuck on "Wait..." for longer than ~minute, restart application.


Application versions: 
File customim-0.1-9.armv7hl.rpm27.95 KB23/04/2014 - 00:52

0.1-9 - 2014.04.22 - First publishable 'beta' version


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Must have been user error, as it now works perfectly. Getting new location can take some time, but as mentioned in release notes re-starting the app makes location available very quickly.

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Nice, Kivenlahti rules. Seems to work, although if I decide to add location after setting a status message, the existing message is reset.

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Seems i can't reproduce this, whatever i have typed to status message stays there.

Only way i found is to change status message and leave textfield by not pressing "Set" button and then closing the application. Pressing "Set" or changing "add location" to off will save and update status message.

If entering status message, leaving textfield by not pressing "set" and then enabling location, new status message will be updated when location is updated.