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i just compiled it, made the keys wider to make them easier to get , reduced their number and  added like the sound file to even being able to play sound. here are the sources:

Application versions: 
File harbour-vipiano-0.1-1.01.armv7hl.rpm25.45 MB07/02/2019 - 07:01
File harbour-vipiano-1.0.1-2.aarch64.rpm2.79 MB22/05/2021 - 20:52



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Just a note that I've started working on extending this a bit in my fork, I plan:

1. configurable number of octaves
2. play midi file
3. keyboard like drumstick widget
4. event recorder (record your session, playback)
5. save midi file
6. save recent settings, make gain, for instance visible
7. add interfaces for fluids reverb and chorus

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cool, those are nice features. i wonder how accurate one can be playing this. i would only use it to get starting notes from a sheet music for singing or notes i don't know where to hit. but on the other hand there were people using multiple iphones keyboards and playing a song with it. i want to point out that i found out that the aarch64 version i made has wrong pitch, maybe the soundfont i used has a different sample rate

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It seems so. Unfortunately the notes have not the right pitch, at least for the aarch64 version. If one wants a note pitched on about c an a should be played

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One of the last SFOS updates has fixed distorted sound on Xperia X so I've cleaned up the UI, made a new icon and uploaded the app to the Jolla Store.

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I noticed that it loads much longer. Does it somehow decompress a file first or something like that?

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very interesting

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Nice that there is progress. Did you use the app for yourself already?

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I did. But as I said it's unusable on my main phone though works perfectly on Jolla C.

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The transition to fluidsynth 2.0 went pretty smooth and I've got a ~10 mb rpm that appears (and sounds) the same as the old large one on Jolla C.
Though the sound is very distorted on Xperia X which is my primary phone now. I guess it's because pulseaudio doesn't handle resampling well due to some driver issue.

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Okay, very cool. I just wanted to have such an app and found your sources so i compiled it and then "hacked" it together. Glad to hear from you and i hope it's okay for you. As you can see i still like meego so i took a meego icon with a piano for it. I hope i could push your release that way.

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Just discovered Vorbis compression has been added to mainstream fluidsynth a few months ago. I'll try migrating the app to fluidsynth 2.0 then.

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Hi! I'm glad to see my app to gain some interest and sorry for not maintaining it myself.

Let me explain what were my goals and where I've failed:
I wanted to use a smaller soundfont without sacrificing quality and the solution I discovered was in MuseScore which maintains a fork of fluidsynth with OGG Vorbis compression support. However, I found their fork too tied to MuseScore codebase and it's gone too far from the original library to pick out individual changes (they also tended to have huge all-in-one commits which doesn't help with this either).

By the way I'll gladly accept pull requests with any improvements you may have.

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I'm curious what you'll bring up for qml files, so feel free upload and share them

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Oh of course with this you can only edit one row. In the same path is the FirstPage.qml this is responsible for the number of rows and which sound pitch they should have

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I hope you figure it out, you can experiment yourself.

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This is the file: /usr/share/harbour-vipiano/qml/pages/Octave.qml

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I know of the landscape problem but i consider it as a dirty fix. You can edit the size of the keys and their number yourself in a qml file on the device itself. I could tell you the exact one if you want.

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  • The original, large "sound fonts" (which seem to be General MIDI "instruments") work fine (i.e., are playing undistorted) on a Jolla 1.
    So apparently neither their size or the processing power they need are the reason for their distorted quality on some devices.
    Maybe (just an idea) a sample rate (e.g. 44,1 vs. 48 kHz) or other audio format mismatch causes this?
  • The sound volume is a bit low, as some already mentioned.
  • In landscape orientation, the lower half of the lower row of virtual keyboard are off screen (at least on a Jolla 1).
  • IMO, the two accessible keyboard sections are too small, while the keys proper are quite big (even on a Jolla 1).
    Again, just an idea: Shrink the keys to make larger parts of the keyboard visible / accessible.
  • Cool app with potential. Thanks!
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I also want to point out that I'm not the developer of this app, i just modified it, did an rpmrebuild and uploaded it here, because i thought it could be of use and for personal backup purposes

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Cool, i wanted to suggest just using a smaller soundfont, but you already tried that. Unfortunately i don't know why, on my oneplus x it works

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I've been hoping someone would get a softsynth and keyboard compiled for SFOS. Thanks!

Unfortunately, the sound quality is really bad on my Xperia X/Sailfish X. Like unusably choppy and distorted regardless of which patch is selected.

I guessed that it might be that fluidsynth running on the device is overwhelmed by the resource requirements of the large Fluid GM soundfont -- I've seen (heard) that on underpowered computers before.  So to test my theory, I backed up the installed soundfont and replaced it with the tiny TimG6mb GM soundfont. But that didn't help, the distorted, choppy playback remained. 

If other users are using this successfully, then perhaps it's peculiar to the Xperia X and/or Sailfish X.

But thanks anyway for creating this, hopefully this bug can be resolved. If you need any more info from me, I'm happy to test anything.

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I can also confirm this.

Historyscholar's picture Do you in Telegram fans group ?

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I think that has to do with this sound file. I would like to add search tags, but the changes don't seem to take effect

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It works,but voice is a little low.

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Tell me if it works