gPodder (old Sailfish versions)

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Great update. Really. Thank you.

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Weird, I can't add new subscription from Soundcloud.
Also search doesn't add find artist from SC.

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When will there be a new release? AVRCP needed.

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Youtube search not work?

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I created a package containing the latest git pulls.

Download and install it on your own caution! Kitties may break ;)

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Is gPodder for SFOS further developed? No progress for a long time.

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Hello, after last update qpodder forgets the last usage status (e.g. if a pc is startet, the time when I've stopped playing) after quitting. But the This is very disturbing although the playing bar show how much is played. Can you fix it?

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Thx for the great qPodder. But after last Update the usage of track ff, rewind aso has to been changed to a less usefull buttons. I'd like the clock-like usage.

But if you give a bitcoin adress you will get a small tip.

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With the N9 I could sync subscriptions with Isn't this implemented with the Sailfish OS?

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I would be happier if gPodder had OPML-import :)

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Thank you so much for adding a play que that made a huge difference.  I love this software!  While I can live with it just thought I'd mention it appears that the memory usage slowly grows and eventually needs to be closed then reopened as gpodder becomes very slow to respond.

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 thanks to the new update. It is great to have possibility to en-queue. Which could be a bit more intuitive. This post is quite a request because of issues I have, after using GPodder for Sailfish half a year.

The problem I had was that after using GPodder  for half a year I ended up with a few gigs of .mp3.partial .mp4.partial and similar not fully loaded tracks. All those partially loaded files where not shown in GPodder and I could not continue to load the files or delete those from the app.

Because of the large amount of GBs that was wasted with this files. I went totally mad. Because the Jolla does not work properly with no more space left.  After deleting some files I was able to use the phone...

It would be great to have to opportunity to continue loading the files or at least to automatically all those partially loaded files.

Thanks a lot and a happy new year.

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Thanks, I have forwarded your report here:

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Great Podcast app! I love the Youtube feature!!!

As a feature request, I would like to have the option to share episodes via email: create an email with the podcast description, the link to the media file, the link to the podcast description, the link to the feed. For starters the link to the media file would be fabulous and a great help already.

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Great application. Unfortunately, since the last update I only get a white screen (I am still on Sailfish Any ideas how to troubleshoot the problem?

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Ideally, please upgrade to the latest Sailfish OS release. If you can't do that, for the short-term, try seeing what the issue is by running:

sailfish-qml harbour-org.gpodder.sailfish

in a Terminal and checking for any error messages.

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Thanks, I'll try again after updating to update 10. I'll be back if it doesn't work after that.

By the way, this is the output when starting gpodder via terminal (in case you are interested):

[W] unknown:24 - file:///usr/share/harbour-org.gpodder.sailfish/qml/harbour-org.gpodder.sailfish.qml:24:18: Type Main unavailable
         initialPage: Main { id: main }
[W] unknown:62 - file:///usr/share/harbour-org.gpodder.sailfish/qml/Main.qml:62:5: Type GPodderCore unavailable
         GPodderCore {
[W] unknown:22 - file:///usr/share/harbour-org.gpodder.sailfish/qml/common/GPodderCore.qml:22:1: module "io.thp.pyotherside" version 1.3 is not installed
     import io.thp.pyotherside 1.3


Seems that pyotherside is missing/not up to date.

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Would you please consider allowing one to import subscriptions from account and sync there?  I am also a heavy user of playlists in gpodder 3.x and 2.x before, it's great for the trip to work, would you please consider adding a play que?

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gPodder loses the podcasts subscriptions during the upgrade to version. Please fix it and provide a link for donation. gPodder is excellent and I'd like to contribute a donation to the developer for his great effort.

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Hello. First of all thanks for the great app!

Unfortunately in the newest version nothing happens when I try to search for a podcast.

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Thanks for making this app available on Sailfish OS!

Currently if troubles addings some podcast with version 4.2.0. For example if adding the follwing one the "wheel" keeps turning forever:

I have verified if the podcast link is ok by accessing it by browser. Another podacst from the same site works:

Any idea?

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Thanks for the bug report and the URL. The problem was with one of the itunes:duration fields having an invalid value, I've fixed it here, this will be part of the next release:

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Great, thanks! Looking forward to the next release.

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Wonderful to have this on my Jolla.

Having issues with the playback not starting from the last stop after having exited the application. The position is shown under the name of the episode, but when taping play it restarts the whole episode.

Have tried reinstalling not still same issue. any tips? on now.

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Yeah, this is sometimes an issue with the playback engine used (QtMultimedia). As a workaround, you have to visually remember the position and then seek to it in the playback page (swipe to right once playback is running).

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fair enough, and thanks for the reply. Will try to keep an eye on it :)

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Thank you! I realy need this application.

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Thank you for making this application, it's very nice!!
Just one thing: icon isn't the same that you show here