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File openssh_6.6p1_armel.deb2.09 MB17/04/2014 - 22:03
File openssh_6.3_armel.deb1.09 MB14/11/2013 - 20:56


disneypious151's picture

is there any way of solving internet connection error/bug for n9 NielDK

because everytime I need to reboot my device.

and funny thing is most of the n9 users have this issue.. it very tiring

NielDK's picture

exactly which bug ?

Cant say/confirm that I have connection issues on my two devices.

Is this question related to my openssh ?

disneypious151's picture

I don't know what bug exactly..
But read this pls
maybe this resolution could solve all
our network connectivity problems

NielDK's picture

thats a question on opera on N770

please dont fill this woth questions, ask on TMO, all good (and bad) devs are on there

disneypious151's picture

what is it actually used for

NielDK's picture

:) if you must ask, you dont need it hehe

Remote shell access to the device is the usage