Nightly Clock

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Nightly Clock is a clock designed for your bedside, originally from BlackBerry10 but hugely improved for Sailfish.

80% rebuilt for Sailfish OS with a Silica UI for the native feel.

The App is customisable with colours (Ambience included), custom Alarm tones, font sizes, wallpapers, weather and more.

The interval alarm feature is for all of those people who want that extra lie in, with interval alarm you can set Nightly clock to briefly sound the alarm then auto shut off to remind you it's time to get up without the need to touch the device.

This is my first App in a couple of years since BB10, and Symbian (any Symbian^3 users may remember me from Apps like Star Browser :)


You can find a black background in Settings-Customise-Wallpaper for bedside use,

Also please note that the UI components do move around ever so slightly to prevent any screen burn in issues, so don't be alarmed (sorry bad pun) if they seem off center.


Please do leave any feedback no matter how small, this App was built in free time from the Emulator and a bunch of great testers.


Devices running SailfishOS supported


If you are experiencing problems installing please try the pkcon refresh command from the terminal, as some devices are missing the qt5-qtlocation library needed for the weather side of the App




Jolla Pioneer Fans

Application versions: 
File harbour-nightlyclocksailfish-1.07-16.i486.rpm1.77 MB24/08/2019 - 21:51
File harbour-nightlyclocksailfish-1.07-16.armv7hl.rpm1.77 MB24/08/2019 - 21:51

(v1.07, 1.07-16)

This release requires at least



Tablet support is here !

Now much easier to press Pill Button on mainscreen,

Improved scaling across devices,

Added yy/MM/dd Date Format,

Moved Show Date option to Date Format Picker,

Automatically change wallpaper to black when in Standby Mode option added,

Added small indicator when choosing Bing Wallpaper from Settings,

Can no longer select Bing Wallpaper with no Internet Connection



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