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Enhanced mounting scripts for SD-cards

They provide the following enhancements compared to the original versions (as of SailfishOS 2.2.x):

  • Start mounting (partitions on) SD-card via udisks at the earliest sensible time: Right after udisks2.service has started.
  • Unmount before udisks2 begins stopping, hence achieving a clean unmount.
  • Ensure, that AlienDalvik begins starting after mounting succeeded, to allow for android_storage on SD-card. Even more importantly this also ensures, that unmounting occurs only after AlienDalvik is completely stopped.
    Nevertheless, these configuration files are also applicable to devices without AlienDalvik installed.
  • Inhibit stubbornly trying to mount block devices without a filesystem recognised by the kernel / udev.
  • Versions below 1.0: create / try to rectify the "compatibility symlink" in order to allow older apps seamlessly accessing (partitions on) SD-cards at their new (since SailfishOS 2.2.0) mount point.


  • These configuration files do not alter, replace or delete any extant files.
  • mount-sdcard has been extensively tested under SailfishOS versions 2.2.0 up to (and including) 3.0.2.
  • A reboot is needed for these configuration files to become active.
  • They are by-products of optimising the start-up timing, feature set and shut-down behavior of crypto-sdcard.
  • Support of partitions and whole devices (as Jolla's original versions do).
  • Support for (µ)SD-cards and USB-attached storage (if supported by device hardware and Operating System).
  • mount-sdcard's source files are hosted at Github.
  • For discussing its specific configuration files and RPM packaging, please use its issue tracker at Github.
  • Issues with this RPM package or the configuration files it installs shall also be filed at mount-sdcard's issue tracker at Github.
  • As this web-page at OpenRepos exists merely for distributing mount-sdcard packaged for SailfishOS, there is no need for issuing comments here.



Application versions: 
File mount-sdcard-0.6-1.noarch.rpm7.98 KB19/01/2019 - 23:58
File mount-sdcard-0.6-2.noarch.rpm7.98 KB26/01/2019 - 20:06
File mount-sdcard-1.0-1.noarch.rpm7.18 KB26/01/2019 - 20:06

A coarse changelog is provided per release comments at Github.


olf's picture

BTW, mount-sdcard is in "maintenance mode" since version 1.0, as it appears to be stable and feature complete for its users.
That means there will be no new releases, unless bugs are reported (preferably at Github) or a new SailfishOS release breaks it.

Pemek's picture

For me it didn't. Later it turned out a fuse-exfat bug (I took it from different repo), so I reformatted sd to vfat + ext4 and now works flawlessly.

Pemek's picture

Does it work in

olf's picture

I guess so, but haven't tried yet.
Why don't you try and report your experience here?

At worst (quite unlikely though), mounting the SD-card fails.
If you uninstall mount-sdcard then, the SFOS installation is exactly in the state it would be without ever having installed mount-sdcard (as it alters no system files), so there is no risk involved in trying.

olf's picture

Yes, it does.

MooCrumpus's picture

works fine, thank you very much!

Vieno's picture

The script hasn't mounted my ext4 SD card. God knows why. I hate to trouble shot.

olf's picture

So before installing mount-sdcard and after uninstalling it, SailfishOS is mounting your "ext4 SD card" fine?

Vieno's picture

No, for both cases. I was hoping to solve my mounting problem by installing your script. My wife has used the SD-card in a thumpdrive adapter at a printing service terminal. After that the phone was not able to mount the card again. On my laptop everything looks ok with the SD-card. I'm just lacking in time to dig into the problem and tried an easy attempt using your script.
I dont think your script has a bug. Something must have happened with the sd-card at the printing terminal which prevents mounting in the phone.
Maybe next week or in December I can spare some time to solve the problem (and maybe report relevant findings)

olf's picture

You may try reformatting it in your SFOS device, using this guide at TJC.