Prostogram Alpha

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If u cannot update please remove previous version manualy and then try.

Unoffical Instagram client for Sailfish. Alpha build with replaced ads. This builds will contain new things faster and because i dont require any kind of "forced donation after xx" ads from instagram (injected post) are replaced with my own ads. If u think its not for you please wait for official build.

Apps dont collide with oficial build.

Current features:

  • Upload photos
  • Show own feed with posts
  • A startpage containing a preview for all three of them (own feed, popular and tag posts)
  • Show details for a picture/video : Count of likes and comments and the most recent comments.
  • Like a picture/video/carusel or remove your previous like
  • Open user profiles
  • Show media feed for user
  • Follow/Unfollow users
  • Post comments
  • Show posts for a specific tag
  • Show followers or followed users
  • Block and unblock users
  • Show stories in main screen like in Instagram
  • Show Explore Feed (popular/choosed for u or what u want to name it ^-^)
  • Fixed Follow/Unfollow, like/unlike
  • Showing thread, load newer/older messages (unimplemented replying)
  • Stories like in android, with some kind of counter under stories
  • New login page, fixed logout.
  • New way to refresh (double tap home button on screen)

Source code:

Application versions: 
File harbour-prostogram-alpha-1.0.alpha-2.armv7hl.rpm340.43 KB26/09/2018 - 00:35
File harbour-prostogram-alpha-1.0.alpha-23.armv7hl.rpm341.84 KB27/09/2018 - 00:14
File harbour-prostogram-alpha-1.0.alpha-31.armv7hl.rpm341.33 KB28/09/2018 - 13:30
File harbour-prostogram-alpha-1.0.alpha-32.armv7hl.rpm341.55 KB28/09/2018 - 13:30


  • optimized background transparent
  • endless loadind coments
  • reloading comments


  • Implemented settings, changing colors now possible
  • various ui fixes
  • profile page fully implemented (missing icon for now)
  • icon change color with font
  • endless scrolling for explore and profile page in grid view


  • New login page, fixed logout.
  • New way to refresh (double tap home button on screen).
  • Lots gui fixes.
  • Counter under the stories.
  • Profile page refreshed (not fully implemented).
  • Sucessfuly login when app turned on without internet.


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Yeah it's dead :(

247's picture

Think the app stopped working, am i the only one?

3vixan's picture

Great app! On XperiaX the photos don't fitt the width of the screen.

247's picture

Very nice update, i can finally have my ambience back, white was nice but very eyehurting at night...

Salissa's picture

Love (!) the colorsetting page! Would be nice to maybe import those from the ambience in the future. But its great as is!

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If u set backgorund color to transparent  ambient color will be applied

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Thanks for your answer!

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Very good , thank you ..

Can i help you for tanslate in italian language?

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of course. but i dont set up any page for that. only option for now is editing file and pushing changes to github

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i have done , i will try to send you in github


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I have try to send you the file by mail


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Thanks a lot!!! Unfortunately 'Load more' under 'Comments' don't work. Jolla 1 -

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unfortulately its not implemented for now

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Very Good;)

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Nothing. My mistake

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It seem cant refresh the feed

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great app!good luck !