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Source code : https://bitbucket.org/Unlik3/q-ball/src/master/

After an incident in the q-ball factory, some of these caught fire and are lost in various parts of the world. Help the survived q-balls  to form a team and save them.

This game is made with few money so I used poor material. The iron is rusted, I put some pieces but many things break easily. If you shake can go in tilt and a leg can be broken.
A game with a good  physics (box2d engine)  and maybe fun.


This is a video with the simulator: q-Ball: A game for Sailfish OS



Application versions: 
File harbour-qball-0.2-1.armv7hl.rpm12.75 MB13/09/2018 - 22:13
File harbour-qball-0.3-1.armv7hl.rpm12.75 MB22/09/2018 - 21:11
File harbour-qball-0.3-1.i486.rpm12.81 MB22/09/2018 - 21:11

- source code at https://bitbucket.org/Unlik3/q-ball/src/master/

-  Add e-mail address into about
-  Add new level "Indian camp"
- Change q-ball name Alex->Nick 401
- Reinforced body structure
- Add wood texture into Monkeys' lair
- Fix bug when choose the name without change new name was null

N.B. Level and name reset with new update


Pelzlurch's picture

Already a really nice Game!

Even so there are still some rough edges: The flippers are sometimes quite weak, sometimes not.
And I recognized twice that a flipper is moving beyond it's initial position, when the ball hits it., I think taht isn't by intend.

Unlik3's picture

Try to choose other q-Ball for your team. q-Ball more heavy are controlled with more difficulty but they procure many damage. q-Ball with less mass have a good controll but they do not do much damage. Every q-ball is different. 

Pelzlurch's picture

Shame on me: It's always the operator ;)

I have totally overseen the team functionality. Thanks for clarification and this new game! Rest asured, that as soon as you open source it, I will definitely use the donate button! 

Unlik3's picture

About open souce code i can think about this. I have a lot of ideas for improve the game. For example add more schemes (for this is possible use R.U.B.E editor), add q-ball, add the possibility to create a q-ball, add soft body add a marble race with all q-ball or with match race etc etc. so an help is good for me, but the question is it really worth it?

pdelfes's picture

Looks like shatered pieces of trash. Plays the same as well.

Unlik3's picture

I am a SFOS dev so I haven't  money. I found the pieces at the landfill. If you play, you can break something so pay attention!

pdelfes's picture

You're cool indeed, same if your game don't looks exactly like this, but you... I would kill to meet you someday :D

Unlik3's picture

@pdelfes you are my idol, your opinion is very importsnt for me.  I will study hard so my next app you will love 

breiti_oi's picture

Don't worry about pdelfes, he's nagging about everything for sailfish, just take a look in the comments of sokoban here on openrepos.

pdelfes's picture

The conversation is all about me and my beloved dev, don't put your spoon where it don't should be put please. 

Unlik3's picture

“Looks like shatered pieces of trash.” is great for me because it is  exactly what I wanted to.To do this not easy so it is a good comment. Rusty iron, broken glasses all objects found in landfills this is the idea. 

pdelfes's picture

Yeah, that's true. But i liked it. And count on me, i'm your fan number 1!