Snake Game

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Snake game. Development of this application was inspired by devices like Brick Game(E-Star E-23).

Hope you enjoy it.



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The wording "Hi-Score" hangs out of the background area, which is not shown in your screenshots. My font size is set to "Normal" in Settings/Display. Perhaps to set the size of the hi-score text to "font.pixelSize: Theme.fontSizExtraSmall" so it stays inside the background box?, other than that, I like it, a nice reminder of the early days of owning a Nokia 6210e, thanks.

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Is this OpenSource?

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Apart from a bin file the rest of the application is accessible as are most applications for Sailfish. I use Universal Extractor to extract the contents of a .RPM package, then you can play with the files, or install it to your device and edit freely via terminal.

Universal Extractor:

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Yeah, but I'm interested in the complete sources nonetheless.

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Please, find link to github in the description.

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Cool, thank you very much!