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GetPocketSharePlugin - transfer engine plugin for adding bookmarks to your account via share menu.

IMPORTANT: NEED LinksBag application from openrepos or official store for authorization

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- Use LinksBag settings only


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Ah yes. My usecase would be seeing a link in a tweet and wanting to save that link directly to pocket without the need to open it in the browser first.
Anyways, thanks so much for this app!

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I see some apps now appearing in the system's "open url" dialog (piepmatz, webcat,..). Would that be an option for this plugin also?

Maledictus's picture

I don't think so. Open url dialog - is handler for urls to open them in application but this plugin is for adding urls getpocket storage.

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The picture of the plugin is static? Why it does not decrease with decreasing dpi

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yes. png with fixed size.

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Hi Maledictus!I change my GetPocket account in LinksBag, but when I try to add an url, getpocketshareplugin uses my old account. How can I solve this?

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Use new version!

Thank you for your feedback

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Great!! Thank you so much!!

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Fuck jolla store

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i don't longer use getpocket. But long timeI did and this was a great help to me. The best thing and that I can't understand why others won't do it the same way is -> the share plugin. Every app developer with some sharing possibility in its app should adopt this approch. its something that is hard to miss on sailfish and android got it - a sharing eco system

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share plugins are forbidden in jolla store.




it s simple as that




and there is not much docu on that topic

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There is working example and it's simple to understand. But yes - it's prohibited in JollaStore

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ok, didn't knew it's forbidden in jolla store. what's the reason for this? anybody knows?

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Thanks for the update!! For some reason the text is in Finnish, instead of Spanish language

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I know about this bug and I am working on fix

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Ok, thanks for your quick answer

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Nice!! Thank you!!