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An application for tracking the women's cycle.

Displays the menstruation, ovulation and PMS days in the calendar. Supports multiple profiles.

Color Coding

Red - Menstruation days

Green - Ovulation days

Blue - PMS days


Luna is a fork of the SailGirlz application (version 0.3) by Amilcar Santos - just with a neutral wording...

Application versions: 
File harbour-luna-0.1-2.armv7hl.rpm29.66 KB17/02/2017 - 01:09
File harbour-luna-0.1-2.i486.rpm29.68 KB17/02/2017 - 01:09

Version 0.1
- Fork from SailGirlz
- Removing sexism
- Minor cleanups


articice's picture

Can we fix the bug of numbers on preview not updating if app runs >24 hours?

Kabouik's picture

I appreciate the more formal wording and I do not really care if others have a different view on it. Now all of us can choose thanks to FOSS, so I would like to thank the maintainers of both Sailgirlz and Luna.

Marold's picture

This is simply sad, if You think you have done "something good". You just did nothing. Everyone just need to stop beeing offended by everything ! This isnt a fork, its just repacked with different labels and ofcz different author... Sad times ...

Ygriega's picture

Well, I received enough comments and direct messages that I know that this "nothing" was desperately needed. 

And the only one who is offended seems to be you. So sad...

eatdirt's picture

My humble opinion is that you should have made a patch to fullfil you neutral, or neural, desires. Even of open source allows it, Luna sounds that you steel the source code and change the name of an app made by someone else...


Ygriega's picture

Patching is not possible if the application name (and the associated name of the code repository itself) is an issue - may it because of legal or other reasons. You can see it e.g. recently when Lineage OS was created from the sources of CyanogenMod. 

Sad that you have the impression that the source code was stolen, though the origin is clearly visible in the repository, the app itself and of course here on OpenRepos. 

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I do not use Luna or Sailgirlz but just wanted to say that i totally understand why one would want to change Sailgirlz wording, i also find original wording offensive. I am surprised by attitudes of most comments.

Ygriega's picture

Great, I won two other bets! Thanks for calling people SJWs and idiots!

But guys, I'm sure you can do better! So bring it on, my popcorn is ready...

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Of course, changing "girl" to "profile" removes the sexism in a joke application meant to keep track of the mood changes in every person with a uterus you meet. Armchair activism at its finest!

Ygriega's picture

Armchair activism? Well, I was sitting on my sofa while using the SDK and some nice search & replace tools. So probably the result would have been better with an armchair, you're right! I need to get a comfy one tomorrow!


pichlo's picture

"Removing sexism"? Really??? Is that your claim to stardom?

How about things that bring actual value, for example:

  • Real record of past cycles
  • Prediction of future cycles based on actual history rather than on made-up parameters fed to the program
  • Possibility to record the bleeding intesity, cramps and other symptoms
  • Possibility to record having sex (distinguishing protected and unprotected looks like too much to ask)

Any one of the above would bring what is essentially nothing more than a glorified biorhythm one step closer to a useful tool. Pick any two and the tool could actually be used for planned parenthood.

But that would require an actual work, not just replacing "girl" with "profile"...

Ygriega's picture

Well, if I wanted to go for some stardom, I certainly wouldn't have chosen a fork of a SFOS application. :D

But straight to the point, you have some interesting feature requests. Why don't you simply implement them yourself? You seem to have a lot of experience and know what you are talking about...

Unfortunately, I have to admit that I have different priorities and currently spend my scarce spare time on another project and of course family/friends. This one was just a time-boxed effort of a single evening... 

Of course it would be a different story if I were paid for it. So if you want to get the work done, just contact me and make an offer. I also accept pound sterling. ;) You can find the contact details on my homepage...

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pichlo; Bocephus: +1

Ygriega: If you feel offended by "girls" in app for girls/women you are not a man at all

Ygriega's picture

Guys, you seriously disappoint me! Nothing better than that? But check - next bet won for this comment... :)

Ygriega's picture

Wow, the fork is not even half a day online and already got such a comment. I was already betting how long it may take... ;)

But seriously, the wording which is used in SailGirlz is IMHO simply offending, especially to women, but also to me as a man.

From my perspective women are the primary target group for such an application. Well, I'm not a women, but I personally would feel not very comfortable if I used an app where I'm just one "girl" out of several ones. And yes, this feeling is not an abstract one, if you'd ask some of the (very rare) women in the community, they most certainly tell you exactly that.

If you're a heterosexual man and want to track your girlfriend's/wife's/whoever's cycle, well OK - there are now different options to choose from. I simply don't see any reason to call grown-up females "girls" or "girlz" and as I'm not simply complaining, I invested a few hours and did the fork. The app has the exact same functionality as before, but uses a neutral wording, e.g. "profiles" instead of "girls" and replaces such things as "current girl" with "information". Nothing more, nothing less...

This is open source and freedom in general. You have the freedom to fork, to improve and especially to choose. So thanks for your feedback, and have fun with SailGirlz!

And maybe as my closing words: Just because I'm against sexism or chauvinism this doesn't mean that I've articulated any opinion concerning certain concepts in Gender Studies which you are obviously referring to. :)