USBStick utils

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SailfishOS USB-Stick automount script. Requires USB OTG support, e.g. Jolla tablet and some ported devices.

Works like the SD-Card automount script.

Application versions: 

- [rules] do not assume numbered device


Termitebug's picture

Does this work after Muohijoki 2.2.0 ?

ferlanero's picture

Thanks! USBStick utils works still perfect on Sailfish X on Sony Xperia X

mp107's picture

It works flawlessly on both Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray and Mini Pro with SailfishOS installed.

andu's picture

This is a nice script, thanks.

eson's picture

Great job kimmo! Can you also make Jolla (or anyone) relaese some hardware that is actually fit to use Sailfish 2.*?

Well, I guess not. After allmost three years I really need fresh hardware though. 

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Kimmo did a great job with porting Sailfish to Oneplus X. I am actually using it now for a couple of weeks replacing my jolla phone.

Never looked back since then :)