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A Journey planner/Railway Time table for many train lines in europe and australia.

Current supported backends are:

  • Germany (bahn.de) - supports via station and GPS location.
  • Germany, Munich (mvv-muenchen.de)
  • Austria (oebb.at) - supports via station and GPS location.
  • Austria, Salzburg (svv-info.at)
  • Denmark (rejseplanen.dk) - supports via station and GPS location.
  • Switzerland (sbb.ch) - support via station, timetable with direction and GPS location.
  • Norway (reiseinfo.no / nri) - supports GPS location.
  • Netherlands / Belgium (9292ov.nl) - supports via station and GPS location.
  • Sweden (vasttrafik.se) - supports via station and GPS location.
  • Sweden (resrobot.se)
  • Ireland (transportforireland.ie) - supports via station.
  • Australia, Victoria (ptv.vic.gov.au) - supports via station.
  • Australia, Sydney (transportnsw.info) - supports via station.
  • USA, SF Bay (511.org) - supports via station.
  • Dubai (rta.ae) - supports via station.
  • Finland (Matka.fi)


Application versions: 

* fix bahn.de


monkeyisland's picture

Have you update to the last version?

MoritzJT's picture

As of today I can no longer get results from bahn.de as source.

Has anything changed or is it just me?


Thanks for all the updates

monkeyisland's picture

Is there a chance to import public transport of City Hannover and lower saxony.
The website is : www.efa.de
Under github i find something:
Thank you

naytsyrhc's picture

It's almost perfect. I only miss a share by Sms/Mail/IM or copy to clipboard functionality.

stormy's picture

Fantastic program, quite simply and extremely functional!!!

SKD's picture

Great App!
Support for Luxembourg would be nice since I live in Germany near the boarder ;)

gabs5807's picture

Hello smurfy, great app. Could you please also build a tablet version (x86)? Thanks.

danfin's picture

> would it be possible to add tram lines (in Zurich Switzerland that's zvv.ch complementing the railway sbb.ch)

> the calendar entry is not very consistent. It quite often does not work.

danfin's picture

calendar entries: Fahrplan allows to choose the default calendar only, selecting any other calendar will not affect the choice. The calendar selection list displays 'default calendar' on top, and 'default' on bottom, in between my other (unaccessible) calendars. My Jolla, however, offers no 'default', but a 'personal' calendar.

ArnoldJudas's picture

Great App!

It would be great, if you could display a list of previously selected stations right beneath the search field and only replace it with search results, if the field is not empty. Begining of course with the latest selected station.

danfin's picture

Great app, just a pity calendar support does not work here. Any hints on how to fix that? The app just quits istead off adding the item to calendar. (installed from warehouse) Now works well after update! Not good on, no details on trips shown, trouble with recognizing station names.

megger75's picture

In Switzerland with SBB works great. Perfect App!! Thank you!!! Great Job!

sponka's picture

Have no problem with stability on Jolla (yet, fingers crossed :)

And thanks for Jolla calendar feature, much appreciated!

elastic's picture

Thank you for the new version - unfortunately the new calendar option doesn't work ... every time I try to add a journey to the calendar the app closes itself immediately ... 



smurfy's picture

everytime? i had this once happen to me. not sure why

elastic's picture

Not sure if every time - after the fifth attempt I gave up ... ;-)

smurfy's picture

Next version, released on openrepos.net will have calendar support on sailfishos.

elastic's picture

great news :-) - thank you for supporting Sailfish (and Harmattan and ...)

elastic's picture

Any news if calendar entries will be possible in the future (I know that the calendar app ist still not oss but in BB10 it works anyway ...) 

elastic's picture

Best app from symbian to BB10 :-) - please add possibilty for calendar entry and favorites on Sailfish - thx