kodimote (accumulator)

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Fork of Kodimote by RobertMe/mzanetti, which changes the pagenavigation considerably to a more Sailfishy way. Also includes some smaller improvements and fixes.

git repo here : https://github.com/accumulator/kodimote




- completely new page navigation, now left/right swipe based instead of via pulley

- use network flow control for volume slider so it doesn't swamp kodi

- fix red/yellow/green/blue buttons

- various UI improvements, icon scales, alignments

- keep device awake when the keypad is active

- don't collapse pagestack when kodimote reconnects

- dont crash when reconnecting after network reappears

- reduce haptics duration, because xperia seems to not honour intensity


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Thanxs for your efforts, making this essential app even better. Maybe you can change linespacing and thumbnail size so it fits also on Xperia. At the Moment the list view is somewhat broken.