The Emoji+ Keyboard

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Thanks Penguin for all his work on this!

Emoji keyboard extension for SailfishOS with emoji font including full set of iOS 5+ and Whatsapp Emoji characters.

    1) Close Settings application
    2) Install keyboard-custom-emoji
    3) Open Settings > System > Text Input -> Keyboard Layouts
    4) Scroll down the list and enable Emoji+
    5) Test if you can now select Emoji+ keyboard layout.
    If Emoji+ is not in keyboard list or Emoji+ is not visibile in layout selection
    a) Open Settings > System > Utilities (if you have Sailfish Utilities installed) and select Restart Keyboard. Try again from step 3 or 5.
    b) Restart your Jolla. Try again from step 3 or 5.
    If Emoji+ fonts are not shown, then restart you Jolla.


  • Does not support new iOS 8.3 Emoji
  • Do not try to install older packages on SailfishOS 1.1.4 or newer. If you however did and have now non-working phone please find out if instructions on issue 16 will help.

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Application versions: 
File keyboard-custom-emoji-0.4.3-8.noarch.rpm532.13 KB11/04/2019 - 22:42
File keyboard-custom-emoji-0.4.3-9.noarch.rpm531.22 KB20/04/2019 - 22:40
File keyboard-custom-emoji-0.4.3-10.noarch.rpm532.3 KB21/04/2019 - 10:20
File keyboard-custom-emoji-0.4.4-1.noarch.rpm1.56 MB08/05/2019 - 18:06
File keyboard-custom-emoji-0.4.4-2.noarch.rpm1.56 MB11/05/2019 - 17:32
File keyboard-custom-emoji-0.4.4-3.noarch.rpm1.56 MB11/05/2019 - 21:04
File keyboard-custom-emoji-0.4.4-4.noarch.rpm1.56 MB24/05/2019 - 22:15
File keyboard-custom-emoji-0.4.4-5.noarch.rpm1.56 MB25/06/2019 - 12:41
File keyboard-custom-emoji-0.4.4-6.noarch.rpm1.56 MB25/06/2019 - 21:32
File keyboard-custom-emoji-0.4.5-0.noarch.rpm1.56 MB06/08/2019 - 00:04
File keyboard-custom-emoji-0.4.6-0.noarch.rpm1.56 MB13/11/2019 - 23:07
File keyboard-custom-emoji-0.4.7-0.noarch.rpm1.56 MB15/11/2019 - 19:27
  • 0.4.7-0
    • Swapped enter & backspace in landscape mode (now identical to default emoji keyboard)
    • Cleared out middle part bottom row when using split keyboard in landscape (surface is no longer responsive)
  • 0.4.6-0
    • Disable arrow buttons on (single) favorites page
    • Do not use color in Selection Key Rows on Settings page
  • 0.4.5-0 Added option to toggle between color or monochrome emojis on keyboard
  • 0.4.4-6 Also disable background from other function keys
  • 0.4.4-5
    • Config button no longer a longpress button
    • Hide config button in landscape config screen itself
    • Removed background from left/right keys
  • 0.4.4-4 Make page navigation circular
  • 0.4.4-3 Moved config button in landscape to lower right not to interfer with clipboard text and non-split setting keyboard
  • 0.4.4-2 Switch to split keyboard in landscape to decrease keyboard hight
  • 0.4.4-1 (thanks to 0312birdzhang)
    • Added Close button on settings page
    • Added color emoji support (originating from harbour-dolphin-keyboard)
  • 0.4.3-10 Slight resize and reposition of the config button (thanks Olf0)
  • 0.4.3-9 Make config button square and more responsive
  • 0.4.3-8 Renamed to emoji+ not to confuse the Austrians :)
  • 0.4.3-7 Renamed to emoji-alt to avoid name conflict with Jolla's emoji keyboard
  • 0.4.3-6 Config button fix for Sailfish
  • 0.4.3-5
    • Removed google analytics part
    • Fix for jolla tablet screen ratio
  • 0.4.3-4 Fix of non jolla 1 resolutions


ade's picture

Well, as it originates from 2015, it deserves the "alt" title ;)
Don't know the future plans of Jolla regarding their emoji keyboard, but for now let's call this one Emoji+ then.

ossi1967's picture

> Well, as it originates from 2015, it deserves the "alt" title ;)

*LOL* You're perfectly right, I had never seen it that way. :)

Historyscholar's picture

Can you add ios's emoji?

ade's picture

Now that Jolla provides their own emoji keyboard better ask them to extend it ;)

carmenfdezb's picture

Great!! Thanks for the update! ;)

Historyscholar's picture


rfa's picture

Just adding another thank you!

ferlanero's picture

Really good work on this fork! Thanks ade!

bomo's picture

Would you mind maintaining a constantly available fork that also removes the google analytics stuff for good?

ade's picture

I am not really waiting for even more apps to feel responsible for. First let see if the author (Penguin) picks up the matter.

olf's picture

There is -no- "Google analytics stuff", -just a-usage-report-function- but one can switch it off in Emoji keyboard's settings.

Edit: It clearly denotes this functionality in its description.

@ade: Thanks!

ade's picture

Did you have a look at the code before replying? Google analytics is indeed used to collect statistics.

olf's picture

Sorry, no.  Still it can be easily switch off (which I have), right?

ade's picture

That's correct.

Although there is an unconfirmed report that it might switch on again when entering the settings page (, which is also my experience.

olf's picture

Well, this was discussed here on Openrepos as well, which alerted me, but I was not able to properly reproduce this behaviour (i.e. turning itself on again).

Anyway, IMHO its issue tracker is rather the right place to discuss fixing this perceived bug (or the elimination of this "functionality") with the author (Janne Edelman).  Side note: While I do not like apps "calling home" and specifically Google analytics, IMHO this is up to a software's author and basically O.K. for me, as long it can be (really) switched off.

lkdhf's picture

The problem is it's enabled by default (and really, what kind of statistics do you need from a keyboard)?