BLE scanner

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This is the Qt Mobility lowenergyscanner example compiled for Sailfish OS.

It could be used to:

  • Detect available Bluetooth LE devices
  • Discover services
  • Discover characteristics

No Silica UI just plain QML yet. I am planning to refactor it to QML and transform to something like the nRF Toolbox on Android.

Only Bluez5 capable devices are supported! (Jolla C with Jämsänjoki)

Application versions: 
File harbour-ble_scanner-1.0-1.armv7hl.rpm79.72 KB



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In case it's useful to know, I've been using this on an Xperia X running (Lapuanjoki) and it seems to be working as expected.

Is this the example for Qt 5.6?

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Is It opensource ?

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Yepp it is just a Qt example wrapped into a Sailfish app. I will publish it soon including the source, just I got some minor issues to fix.

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Hi, it would be really nice to have the code. I want to add BLE functions to my app and would like to learn from your app.