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Oblique calculates range, height, flight time, and components of the initial velocity of a projectile.

Launch of Projectile

A particle is thrown with initial speed at an angle θ relative to the horizontal axis (oblique launch) under the action of acceleration of gravity, acting vertically downwards, imposing a parabolic trajectory resulting from the composition of two movements.

For more information, see: https://github.com/thiagofe/oblique-sailfish

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I can't see anything in input fields.

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Comma separated values (e.g. 9,81 m/s², which, by the way, should be default) not accepted (some keyboards only have comma in numeric pad).
What about aerodynamic properties (Cx) of projectile?

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The default decimal separator for the foreign language is the "dot".

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In countries of English culture and others that are subcultured, dot (".") Is used as the decimal separator.

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Okay. So your app is definitely not for French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch or Portuguese users, is it?

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+ Russian

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The application is intended for any user, but "English" is a universal language.

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Thanks for the sugestion!