Quattro Quarti

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A metronome for Sailfish OS.

Still in early stages of development.


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File quattroquarti-0.1-1.armv7hl.rpm20.27 KB22/02/2014 - 16:12

Version 0.1

Initial release


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@Jordi, @Orologiaio - thank you for the appreciation.

I know about the volume problem, but it is a limitation of QtMultimedia on Sailfish OS, at least for now. Also, it does not redirect audio to Bluetooth headphones when they are paired. I will check if I can find workarounds for those problems.

The basic functions I wanted are al there, and I think it is useful as it is... but it is still a bit rough, and I am still unsure about the user interface.

Features I still plan to implement as I find the time (no pun intended...):

* Add current settings to the preset list

* Some kind of visual feedback

* An active cover to start-pause the metronome

* And now, the tap to set tempo

It would be cool to have a beat analyzer to find the tempo of a song playing either on the phone or nearby, and use that to set the tempo... but that requires some real C++ work, if I find an appropriate library, and may take a while to implement.

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I second the volume request and the appreciation! ;)

There is a glitch in the about page, the gpl license text goes out of the screen border.

Also, a little feature request: could you add a "tap to set/measure tempo" function? I had it in a metronome app for Nokia N9 and it's really useful... when I know the speed I want to play at but I don't know to which number it corresponds for example, or to take the tempo of a song I'm listening to.


(Se non s'è capito cosa intendo te lo richiedo in italiano :P)

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Nice job!

And quite complete for an "Early stage of development"!

Cannot change the volume, though.