Profile changer [REMOVED]

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It's my second rpm package :)

This is a small One click app for changing profile to silent and back to general or ambience. You can put this icon where you can quickly find it instead go to lockscreen..


* Fix of notification icon. Adaptation for

* Adaptation for

* Now can restore from Silent to your previous profile. If it was General it will restore to general or if it was Ambience, will restore to ambience.

* fix for uninstallation

* Only icons changed (thanks to KoenigseggCCGT)

* sudo NOT need anymore !!! This version also update icon on your homescreen.

Thread on the TMO forum

Beware, use it on your own risk !!!

Donation are welcome :)


- First build.


Gaiosgf's picture

Is it easy to add the Auto Answer Calls?

Schturman's picture

Not for me...

Bobsikus's picture

Hi, might you consider to add "auto profile changing" by some time adjustment ? I get used to that before, that my Phone changed profile for night

Schturman's picture

I will try to do something when I have time...

Schturman's picture

Too much big, icons should be 86x86. And on the silent maybe more convenient to change color too ?

Victorious's picture

Мда... Стращают... Ну у меня пока всё пучком...

Schturman's picture

Отлично, но почитай на форуме тмо (ссылка в шапке), настоящие програмисты говорят что использовать sudo опасно для здоровья :D

Victorious's picture

Всё отлично работает!