Meecast widget

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This is a widget for the lockscreen to show meecast weather data. It is a conversion of the Meecast lockscreen patch. Many thanks to the Meecast developers for giving permission to upload this.

Application versions: 
File meecast-widget-0.1-1.noarch.rpm4.15 KB14/06/2017 - 09:27
File meecast-widget-0.2-1.noarch.rpm9.42 KB29/09/2017 - 08:45

- Updated for preview functionality in widget manager
- Now customisable via settings
- First build.


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It's impossible to install. Transaction /3910_ddbcaede Status: repo-not-available Extra details: File'./core/armv7hl/groff-' not found on medium ''


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Not sure why that is happening, this only requires my Widget Manager and Meecast. As far as I can see groff is in the Jolla repository so should be available. Maybe try manually installing groff using the following from terminal:


pkcon refresh

pkcon install groff

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@anig, Thanks! :-)

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Hey, I'd  love to use the lockscreen manager and this widget. Can you maybe have a look at this:

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Very nice. Though I hope you create the same kind of settings as upcoming events has to change the appearance. I have customized my upcoming events widget and now it looks a bit silly with the little differences to this widget.

After that, all that's required is the fine controls in the widget manager. If it isn't too hard to implement, a dim dummy preview of the widget in the boxes would be a great help too. They wouldn't need to show the actual views with personal calender entrys and current weather but just so one can get a better hang of it. Then one could also see how the widgets would actually appear. Currently I'm always a bit unsure how the widget is placed in the box when I'm positioning them.

EDIT: Whops, sorry. I didn't realize you had already implemented the fine controls. Well the widget preview view wish still stands.