Patch: Tracker path settings

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Patch for PatchManager

Adds settings for changing Tracker's paths, so you can choose what dirs are used for your Gallery, Music, etc applications

Available options are:

1) Ignored directories - these dirs will be ignored by tracker

2) Included single directories - these dirs will be used by tracker (child dirs are ignored)

3) Included recursive directories - these dirs will be used by tracker (child dirs are included)

You can unlock default paths and choose any dir with pulley menu's "Unlock advanced settings"


- added feature to set any path (advanced settings)


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Could you add 4.3 support?

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Hi. When installing the Tracker Patch on patchmanager 3 ... Ignored, Included Singles and Included recursive no open. Please can you see that?
Nothing happens when pressing on one of the 3 options ... :(
XA2 Ultra 3.1
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Is an update for Sailfish OS 3 (3.3) planned?

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should be working fine with 3.3

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Could you add SFOS support?

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No option to set SD card ignored. On pressing "Add dir" only /home/nemo is listed, no way to go to parent folder.

Advanced settings and developer mode are enabled.

What am I doing wrong?

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should be fine now with advanced enabled

PS don't forget to restart settings app

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Thank you, it is fixed now.

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will update

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Could you please update it for SFOS 3?

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will update next week. Was away for really long time :)

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BUG: ignored directories doesnt do anything in SFOS Intex Aquafish.

1. i selected advanced settings deleted all presets and customizations in tracker,

2. In ignored directory i went to nemo/music path and album path in which a jpg existed,

3. In utitlities i started tracker to reindex,

4. I opened gallery and the Album image that i explicitly selected tge tracker to ignore shows up in Gallery as image.

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I understand that this changes the trackers directories, but for eg. if i change the photos dir, where will the camera place my photos when taken? In the same default or the updated tracker path?

This might be a dumb question, sorry.

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it will place it in the same folder. If you delete it from tracker paths, you won't see camera's photos in Gallery

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Yeah, that was what i had in mind. Any way to change default behavior?

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not at the moment.
One thing you can do is create a soft link that will point at /home/nemo/Pictures to wherever you want.

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Hm, thanks.

I will look into it later then. Im gonna reflash my Sailfish rn, and move all stuff to a new SD card.

Performance is getting choppy

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Спасибо за патч.
В версии 0.2 он устанавливался и работал даже на версии ОС, а с последним обновлением (0.3) уже нет. Можно ли собрать его так, чтобы работал также на предыдущих версиях Sailfish? По крайней мере, когда появится блокировка директорий с sd-карты?

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Nothing happens when pressing on one of the 3 options... :(

Using version

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Ahoy mate. I've updated patch, you can try again

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Update works! Thanks!

It would be nice to support landscape as well. Folder names do not fit horizontally :P

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You should install "Allow settings rotate" or "Allow any orientation" patch.

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it is not up for me, it's up for Settings developers in jolla=) but i see the problem

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can you look for errors in journalctl when pressing any option?

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wow, sorry about that! i will probably need to add some dependancies=( will update

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Hi man,

I love the idea but it seems impossible to add something not in /home/nemo on my phone. For instance, that would be usefull for adding sdcards subdirs to the path.

Also, for users not using Android, all the default paths to it could be removable. Even the name "Android" is ugly to my eyes :)



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well, i didn't want to mess with default paths, so i blocked it.

as for sdcards, that's my bad, totally forgot about it=) will update it

Probably will add something like advanced settings allowing to add/remove anything