Numpty Physics

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Harness gravity with your crayon and set about creating blocks, ramps, levers, pulleys and whatever else you fancy to get the little red thing to the little yellow thing.

The Harmattan port of Numpty Physics is collaboratively maintained at Github, and is open source, just like the original Numpty Physics:

Support page:



Application versions: 
File numptyphysics_0.3.3_armel.deb843.13 KB19/04/2014 - 18:14

numptyphysics (0.3.3) harmattan; urgency=low

* Add missing build-dependency for xxd
* Fix compiler warning in Http.cpp
* Levels: Separate collection for solutions
* Levels: No demo-of-demo recording/saving
* Only install level collections to /opt
* Multi-touch: Ignore fingers with index != 0
* Various packaging-related fixes, new icon
* Add swipe (menu) info to title screen
* Single instance application for Harmattan
* Pause game engine when app is in background
* Artwork and screenshots for publishing


Mau97's picture

Can you update it? I don't know if it is only my phone or a my impression,but,seem that there isn't a little piece of the app

ilya_bystrov's picture

wmctrl -r :ACTIVE: -b add,fullscreen   works for me

nadir_benmaiza's picture

Now works fine.....thanks


nadir_benmaiza's picture

during downloas  its stop at 843 KO / 898 KO ......