Veggie Sailor

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If u want to see fixes of this app please contact Jolla to make up us Tablet /Jolla C (we are organic people not hardcore nerds monitoring internet 24h awaiting old overpriced community device) gate, or contact Intex to send us a device to develop (in India many vegetarians so they should be happy have native veggie app).

Otherwise check for progress of Android augmented reality game for vegetarian / vegans), read some nice recipes.

Sorry, but Jolla sank our veggie ship ;)


0.8.8 2016-01-18 00:19

- New: Finish translation (@reviewjolla)

- Change: Russian translation (Katya)

- Change: Icons (Katya)

0.8.7 2016-01-15 00:01

- Change: Icon (Katya)

- Change: Code cleaning

0.8.5 2015-09-19 15:55

- Fix: Proxy issues

- Feature: Landscape mode (Florian)

- New translations (Russian and Italian)

0.8.4 2015-04-07 19:17

- Bugfixes - images and favorites,

- FInished Proxy rewrite

0.8.3 2015-04-06 00:22

- ¡Hola! - Catalan y / i  Spanish translations

- API's Proxying.

0.8.2 2015-04-02 03:37

- Viewing reviews,

- CS, EL, SV translations.

0.8.1 2015-04-01 00:37

- DE, FR, NL, PL translations.

0.8 2015-03-31 00:37

- Filtering entries list by  vegeterian level (minimum vegetarian, minimum vegan etc) - idea and implementation by Florian

0.7.5 2015-03-29 10:09:06

- German and Dutch translations (thank you Florian, jupaja, Vistaus)

0.7.4 2015-03-28 20:09:06

- Teraz Polska and Vive la France - 100% PL and FR translations

0.7.3 2015-03-28 12:11:06

- Favorites for cities (first step for home page breakdown)

0.7.2 2015-03-28 00:26:00

- Test run for beta translations

- Entry view - phone number

- Maps - address and phone number

0.7.1 2015-03-26 22:10:00

- Maps - click on the address of the entry  (first release, beta)

0.7.0 2015-03-24 00:02:00

- Images for entries :)

- Fixed favorites bug

0.6.9 2015-03-23 21:47:17

- More regions / entries

- Fixed few bugs

- More calls rewritten to new API

0.6.8 2015-03-23 00:19:17

- New Python Api

- Root tree rewritten to use the new api

0.6.6 2015-03-17

- Added favorites stars

- Changed API calls to https (so nobody can sniff what are you going to have for dinner).


- Package compliance with Harbour rules

- Fixed upgrades

- Favorites


Samudraga's picture

Just read on github that the app is not going to be more maintained. As an Open Source project it is still free to use and modify, if someone is interested.

bluszcz's picture

Its true, we got bored being screwed. We updated description of the project here to avoid confusion. Regarding open source, we will close SailfishOS api today, I guess closing sailfishos ptoject on github project as well, so please be quick.

We really enjoyed this platform but no devices, no cookies.

Samudraga's picture

The same old problem appears again. I added one picture ( and changed another ( but the app is not showing them. Clearing the cache and booting the phone does not help. Same thing both on Jolla 1 and Jolla C - on Jolla C I installed the app after adding the pictures on Vegguide.

Samudraga's picture

Same problem again: I added two photos ( and The photos are visible on webpage, but not on Veggie Sailor app on my Jolla. I have cleared the cache several times, reinstalled the app, booted the phone, but no change. Previous time when I added a photo it took a few days to appear and clearing the cache seemed finally to do the trick, but I am almost sure I had tried it before without result. I don't know if I am doing something wrong or what's the matter.

bluszcz's picture

Ok, please check with new release - and make bug reports directly on github please :)

Samudraga's picture

After updating to 0.8.5 and clearing the cache all the missing pictures appeared :)

bluszcz's picture

Awesome. Sorry for the long delays during summer  ;)

Samudraga's picture

What's the problem? I added a picture and it is visible on website but not on Veggie Sailor app.

bluszcz's picture


Thank you for your feedback and interest in Veggie Sailor and Vegguide :). Could you provide id on Veggie Guide which can help to identify issue? We are also using some caching server and client side to mimimize number of hits to VegGuide itself.



Samudraga's picture

Hi, the photo that is not visible on app:

bluszcz's picture

I have photo for this place in the app - please 'Clear cache' from homepage. I hope it helps.

Samudraga's picture

Clearing the cache actually helped. I think I had already tried it without results, but now it's ok anyway.

elastic's picture

sorry for not responding - it showed a page that told something like "homepage not available " I didn't do a screenshot ... it worked for Barcelona but not for any other location .. after the next update it worked for all - but it could very well be, that I rebooted the device in the meantime - so maybe the problem was not in the app ...

elastic's picture

Maps are working now ...
please chane the behavior of the german translation "vegetarisch seemann" is neither german nor does it sound good ;-) keep veggie sailor for all languages ...

bluszcz's picture

elastic:  1) please provide details what was issue with maps as I asked before - there was no change in this part so you have to experience some non-determistic behaviour

2) update with translations will be tonight / tomorrow. done



Moth's picture

Just in case that it comes handy... :)

forgrimm's picture

I like this icon. Sure the current icon is cute and is matching the name very good, but I think this icon would look more professional.

bluszcz's picture

I will have full logo and layouts in around two weeks (designer  is working on it now). Having foundation (logo, colors) we can think about the iconset, rather not way around.

And yes, I agree - proposed icon would look more professional - but unfortunately  is not related with 'service/branding' of the application.





forgrimm's picture

Cool :-) Didn't knew that. Looking forward to the results!

bluszcz's picture

Yes, I am also waiting :) Around first weeks of April.

bluszcz's picture

This looks nice but can u please elaborate?

Moth's picture

Ok, what's the missing bit to the puzzle?

Any ideas or suggestions? What would you like to see?

bluszcz's picture

Hi Moth,

I missed the point that you offering an icon :) Thank you in first place, however, as I wrote in another comment - in two weeks I will be adjusting branding application / webpage - and then probably some icon change will come along.

If you would be still up too and have time at that moment - I will ask you probably for some help with making new standing icon :) (since yor new icon looks very pro - but I want avoid to changing it very often).


Moth's picture

Ok, thanks for the statement.

Take your time. I'm really looking forward! :-)

elastic's picture

Thank you for adding map functionality - but it only works for Barcelona - would be great to have it for London :-) 

bluszcz's picture

What do you mean does not work? I jsut checked few places and it seemed work... can you give please some example?

Samudraga's picture

There is nothing from Finland... 

bluszcz's picture

There are now - I have added some regions and in Uusimaa -> Helsinki there is already one place (refresh the cache please).

Also I have contacted admins of the page (regions were bit broken in Finland) so soon few more places in Helsinki should appear. Cheers and thanks for feedback.

forgrimm's picture

Fixed a bug and played a little bit around with the lists. See my pull request on github ;-)

bluszcz's picture

Updated, thanks again!